Monday, April 30, 2012

Mondays Weekend Recap.. its cold here

Hazy by Rosi Golan feat. William Fitzsimmons on Grooveshark

how we spent it..

so much for a yard sale this weekend..

We will have to do that in two weekends. fingers crossed for good weather!
Friday we woke up to snow.. which was lovely.. not really
luckily, it melted fast but we did get another round of TONS of hail later that afternoon.

I did a photo session Friday morning so I was forced out of the house to go drop lex off at grandmas.

Then we met Ty for lunch at Great Harvest Bread.
no comparison to Panera Bread or McAlisters, sad day for me.

Later that evening we just had a good family night in the house and I fixed dinner.
Whaa??  me cook? yes ma'am i did!
haha I did take like a 3 month break off of being a real housewife so since we have been back to Idaho I have gotten my butt in gear and have been better about doing all the "mom/wife" chores! I'm sure my husband has appreciated it! :)

I finished up editing. Cleaned. and we had friends over for shiskabobs!


While Ty & Lexi napped i caught our personal blog up with Easter Weekend updates.. yes i have fallen a little behind on keeping that up to date.. just have one more post to get it for reals up to date.
Then we went on a Sunday Drive before dusk. just the three of us :)


  1. Oh my gosh your little girl is always dressed in the cutest outifts. She is completely adorable. But I am back in this cold weather of Idaho as well so I know what you mean it's cold here. Hoping for some sunshine to come out!!

  2. Your daughter is adorable and the snow...yikes. 
    I don't think I would be able to handle the snow if we got any now in PA.

  3. I LOVE your little girl's outfits!! She is always dress so dang adorable! Where are her cheetah leggings from?! I have looked all over for something like that for my little and have had no luck! 

  4. hey! they are from Old Navy bought around Jan/Feb... if you cant find those i just saw a pair at Macys - they have a hint ff pink in the macys ones though...


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