Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the past 3 months

Some of you that follow along on this blog regularly probably already know about all this,

me: white jeans: target - bracelets: lenny & eva - top: forever21

but then some are just plain confused on where in the crap we live because it tends to change throughout the year.
BUT, for the last 3 months we have had the opportunity to live back in my hometown while my husband was on his off track from school while his job allowed it.. 
SO, lucky little me got to spend it near my family and friends
EVERY bit of it was much appreciated!!
My husband earned him some major brownie points and never complained once! 

Love you for that Ty!!

So our three months have come to an end and we are headed back to Idaho

it's bitter sweet

i will miss a lot about being home home.. (memphis)
but look forward to being in our own home (idaho)

we have been living in an apartment with rental furniture..
and let's just say I miss our big bed!! 

But, we ended it on a good note and had a fun weekend!!
Sunday night lex got sick for the first time & Monday I got it... not fun at all!
So glad most of the yucky'ness was gone when i woke up this morning!!
Friday, Lexi's First Easter Egg Hunt I wasn't really sure how Lexi would get the hang of the whole huting easter eggs.. but apparently they grasp on to the concept pretty fast! I had filled her basket with a lot of grass at first and half way through we ditched the grass so she could fill it with more eggs!  

Saturday, Day 2 Easter Egg Hunt
We went to the Botanic Gardens since they were throwing a huge Easter Egg Hunt and they had some fun little kid activities.. Lex was pro at hunting eggs by Saturday! I'd point to one and she'd grab it and stick it right in her basket.. they had all sorts of fun goodies in their eggs she even had one with a free Chik-fil-a kids meal!
tangerine jeans- Old Navy

Sunday, Easter & Egg Hunt #3

We headed to church and then came home and got ready for finishing up packing our apartment and Easter festivities at my parents.

we dyed eggs while lex was down napping and hung easter eggs from one of my parents trees to add a little fun for their easter egg hunt

I didn't fill her Easter Eggs with anything this day & she was quite disappointed.. she would throw it back down once she realized it haha so my mom went and filled one for her

this is what it looked like after lexi took off running with her basket full of eggs
me: jeans-forever21girls top- jcrew outlet
lexi: dress-target bow-elle bowtique


  1. Lindsay where did you get your mint pants?? I have been trying to find some and can't find any!!

  2. Hey Lindsay where did you get your mint pants?? I've been trying to find some and can't find them anywhere!!

  3. Your family is adorable and you are a sweetheart for sharing where you get your clothes! I love it all! You are gorgeous. Once I have this baby (and loose the pounds ha) I'm going on a shopping spree! :)

  4. Her little dress and flower are adorable!

  5. Your  family is simply adorable!! That little girl of yours is stinking cute. Ps you are always dressed so cute do tell your secrets :) Also Idaho is such an amazing place that is where my husband and I are from. I love your blog!!!

  6. y'all are absolutely adorable!  looks like y'all had an awesome Easter weekend.  I love your  coral and mint colored pants!!!  :))

  7. I didn't get a chance to tell you and Ty goodbye.  We are going to miss seeing y'all around.  Me and your Mom will have to plan a few Idaho getaways in the coming months!  Give Bailey a hug for me when you see her.  (and fill me in on you know who and what) haha.  Have a safe trip! Love y'all.....

  8.  Thank you!! I updated the post to share where I bought the clothes! Hope that helps! :) Idaho does have nice summers!

  9. What an absolutely adorable family you have and you just look cute as a button in your tangerine and mint jeans!!  I need those in my life! :)

  10. Lexi's Easter outfit is adorable! Miss you!


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