Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesdays Look: the right amount of crazy

I keep things pretty simple.. not a huge fan of crazy out-there styles
Especially with nails, clothes, shoes, makeup...

About a month ago I saw this amazingly cute idea for nails..
It's simple, with the right amount of crazy

paint a solid color along all of your nails
& use a silver glittery polish on just your ring finger.
It helps polish off your wedding ring if you have one!
you can check out my version via instagram

DIY Mint Jeans

I have had quite a few of you say that it has been impossible to find mint jeans... I found mine at Forever 21 girls.. for like $20! which is an amazing deal! I also saw them at Urban Outfitters.. but they are HIGH waisted.. not sure how comfortable they are. I have been to lots of other stores and have not seen them anywhere else... so i just came across a DIY for making your own Mint Jeans and thought I'd share!

Go to Target (or wherever) and grab some white skinnies, or whatever kind you like
"Tulip Dye in Green Vert"
(Hobby Lobby carries it)
follow the directions on their package.. and VOILA! you have mint skinnies!

this girl did this in her washing machine with no mess & left them in for 15 min.

or you can buy them online here


  1. I was out shopping yesterday...and h&m and guess had some mint colored skinnies. h&m were capris but guess were jeans Also nordstroms rack had a ton of different colored skinny jeans not mint though...their closest color to mint was more sage or darker mint.

  2.  thanks chelle!

  3. Completely agree with you on the nails those are super cute!! And your mint jeans so adorable!! Ps I have tagged in a post.


  4. I searched for Tulip Dye in Green Vert, but it's not listed on their website. Is it just the regular Green color (vert means green in French).

  5. That kind is carried at Hobby Lobby

  6. what is the name of that glitter nail polish??

    1. alyciamealy@hotmail.com



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