Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday's Look {where to find the cutest bathing suit}

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Where to shop for the cutest bathing suits?


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  1. Coral & gray together is so pretty :)


  2. Oh that gray swimsuit is SO cute!

  3. Oh, I love all your picks! And that baby outfit is the cutest thing EVER! =)

  4. Hi Lindsey!

    lalala love your blog, always have!  just say your darling mint to be shower post on tomkat studio~~love your talented taste, creativity, and photography is stunning!  Ok~~my question to you~~what brand is the mint nail polish the bride to be gave u girls?  I like the bottle, have found mint nail polish, but I like the simpicity of the bottle (weird, but it' ALl about the details right)???? 

    thank you so much!!!

    kimber (loyal fan)♥

  5. kimber i always love your sweet little comments!! and the nail polish is essie!

  6. That gray cover up is adorable! It looks like it would be perfect for laying on a sunny beach :)

  7. Thank you Lindsey!  I see I made all kinds of typos!  Sorry!  I was talking on the phone & typing at the same time (no multi-tasking for me)!!!  My aunt lives in Idaho, I so wish I was visiting her so I could stop at your yard sale~~I'm sure u have gobs of awesome stuff!  Not to mention I would love to say hi!!!  Workin on a sweet 16 for my youngest daughter~~may go with mint & burlap twist, your blog is my first to go to everyday!  I am finally on Pinterest, and pinned your darling easter egg pops on a log~~such inspiration!!  Oh my, I have to look u up!  Remember, I am a slow learner of all this stuff!!!  Enjoy your day with your sweet familia~~ain't love grand?!!!!ps.s. thanx for your quick reply!  Headed to Ulta tonight after work!!

  8. i know i quickly become obsessed with these items after i make these looks!


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