Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I tried it and...

we liked it.

I'm thinking about doing a new little series of post obviously called,
i tried it & i _ it.

Where we would try out different food recipes I have pinned
and then sharing our (me and the hubs) thoughts on it!

So for today, we have Mongolian Beef that I pinned here
I'm a chinese lover.. and at one point in time my husband
told me all i ever cooked was a meat and rice..
so i think we might have a good idea on whether or not to recommend this little sucker.

so, on a Scale of 1-10.... the husband and I separately voted and we both gave it a 8.

Find the Recipe here


  1. We make this a lot in our house! I'm not sure if you used the ginger or not, but I liked the flavor better without it! Just thought I would share :) I like the idea of we tried it segment! I would definitely try your posts! I tried that tortilla soup you posted a while back, and we easily make it during the winter once a week! My family LOVES it!!! So keep sharing what you guys make!!!  I cook a lot (all easy stuff!), so if you ever need any easy ideas let me know! 

  2. thanks for the tip on the ginger! I will have to try it without next time.. there was a litlte unfamiliar zing in it.. not a bad one.. but that might have been the ginger.. I used a lot of ingredients I have never used before in that one :) But i'm pretty sure they are all common ingredients so I will totally have to take you up on some recipe ideas or stalk your food pinterest board!! 

  3. new follower! this looks delicious! :)

  4. It looks absolutely delicious!!!!


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