Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday's Tip {a dying mishap}

So, I know this probably won't ever happen to you...  atleast, lets hope not
But, just a little FYI incase it does..

These little tips will save you time & money in the future

Last week I was dying cheescloth for photo props..
I used this kind and ran it through with my wash. (dye was red)
After the cycle was done.. I ran another cycle with the same load (that was dyed red) again with detergent.

Well the next day.. not even thinking about the previous washing day..
I ran a load of my favorite whites and creams.

and to my dismay, every single one of my whites were this mauve ugly pink!!
i literally felt sick... because i had two favorite cream items that i knew would never be cream again..
Luckily it could have been much worse because all of them were white, all solids and none of them had prints but one.

I ran my new mauve pink load back through the wash with bleach added in through the top dispenser..  It didn't budge at all in color! strike 1.

So, I asked people for advice on how to get my whites back white and I tried a couple of different things people recommended...

Rit Dye Color Remover

Didn't work at all! If anything it turned it more of a purple tone.

Oxi Clean,
was another recommendation. I left some of my favorite items in the sink soaking in that stuff for from 3pm-9am - (18 hours) and NOTHING not even a fade!

BTW, In between trying different solutions - I had to run the clothes I was trying to fix back through the wash with detergent - so the product wasn't left set in before I tried something new.

LASTLY, i tried Clorox Bleach
straight out of the bottle.. I put 2-3 items at a time in a big pot that I had and I poured straight clorox bleach into the pot... letting the clothes soak in there anywhere from 6-10 minutes depending on the item.. there were some items that were more stubborn like my white skinny jeans & my cream lace top.. I left them in for longer up to 30 minutes. I was a bit nervous leaving them in bleach for a long period of time.. because I have had it destroy fabric before but 30 minutes didn't harm it.
Clorox Bleach cons:
It is a long process, you use a lot of bleach, and its messy.
For 8-10 items of clothing I used a big bottle and a half.

one other piece of advice:
I used metal tongs to rotate and swish the clothes around.. The bleach ended up making the metal rust and would leave rust spots on the clothes it touched. So I had to switch to plastic tongs. I also used kitchen gloves when messing with the bleach.


  1. I would have never thought to do something like that lol, I'll definitely have to keep that in mind. I'm glad you were able to save your clothes! :)♥

  2. i never have understand how you can ust that rit dye in the washing machine!  i used brown in the past and was so worried about it staying in the machine.  the little plastic tray still has a brown tint to it!  how many times did you have to clean your washer before it stopped showing signs of pink?  did you put bleach in the machine to help it get back on track!  sorry to hear you had this happen, but so glad you shared the dos and don'ts with the rest of us!

  3. I have actually used this same process twice before.. and had no problem. no clue what went wrong this time? I ran about 5 or so more loads just trying to get the clothes back to white (through all my processes) - after the mishap.. so I'm not really sure at what point it was out of my washer? There aren't any signs of pink left though :) 

  4. I was searching for donut pillow and ran into your blog. Most likely because you have pillow in the title. Anways, didn't know there is such a thing as Dye remover (maybe because I'm a guy?). Great tip, thanks.


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