Monday, May 21, 2012

a sneak into our real life

todays monday recap is going to be a little different,
i'm going to share with you..
our real life..
our personal blog

b/c i'm not brave.. I like to keep our personal life private to stay away from creepers..
so i'm only keeping it public for one week and by next Monday i'll plug it back private.

so you are welcome to browse through the past 6 years of the life of lindsey and tyson
don't forget to say hello :) - links NOW private, sorry if you are just seeing this


  1. I might do it, but it will most likely be a while before I do it again! :)

  2. Your family is amazing ans really inspiriting too. I am so sad because didn't get a chance to see your personal blog :(
    Will you please share with us one more time?

  3. Your daughter is so cute and you're gorgeous! I have a beautiful little family. That is a really good idea to have a private blog to keep some form of privacy on the internet! :)♥

  4.  thanks jazmyn! you have a pretty cute family too, love your blog as well!


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