Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday's Look {obsessed with purses}

Purses are easily one of my weakness's...
because quite frankly they gotta match the outfit! 
I went through and pulled some of the cutest handbags i'd love to get my hands on!

I am sucker for cream, white, and brown purses 
they are staples and my go-to colors!


and here's my "a girl can dream" purse..
sorry just can't spend $500 on you, especially with how fast my taste is changing

Diaper Bag: ShopRuche
I never did use a diaper bag.. i always carry "bigger than life" size purses.
But the one above, looks disguiseably not like a diaper bag :)


  1. Love these purses!! Can't believe the first one was from Forever 21 and only $35! Now thats my kind of purse :)


  2. I agree, I can never justify spending too much on a purse no matter how much I love it because I know I will want to buy another one in a month or so!
    Also, no diaper bag either... And those women who carry a diaper bag AND a purse... Crazy!

  3. Not only this if you want the matching purses for your outfit then special purses are available in the market now a days. You don't have to throw your favorite purse or change it with other. You can only change its outer shell according to your need.
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