Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday's Look {to top it off..}

GAP has become one of my favorite places to shop for a basic cap sleeved top! It's quite possibly the biggest staple you should have in your closet.. so my suggestion for you is to start hittin' up the GAP for your basic tops!  Now, I realize these models don't portray the cutest outfits.. and in my opinion come off a little tom boy'ish.. but just use your imagination to what outfits you can put these babies with! I'll give my 4 cents before each photo to give you a little start...

my only question to myself right now is, why in the heck did i not buy one of these in every color yesterday??

a girl cannot have enough white tops! I honestly could wear white every day! it is a staple that goes with ANYTHING!

 Drop the navy belt that comes with it and swap it out with a brown leather one!

i love a blue jean top with white bottoms..

ditch the jeans.. pull this top off with some colored skinnies.. white is always a safe bet! Check out the other colors they have in this top.. I bought the navy blue/white stripes yesterday.. and of course.. It will be going with.. none other than, white skinnies.. I think i'm slightly obsessed.

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