Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday's Fun Find {for a momma}

Charmed Life by Joy Williams on Grooveshark
our Rainy Day Entertainment

This aquadoodle mat has been quite the hit with Lexi.. we bought it for her for Christmas
we have lost the pen since.. so a paint brush works just fine!
it's one of her common request..
and best of all for me,
It's MESS free.. minus the fact lex likes to dump out the water... but it is, just water
they also make a travel size.... thinkin' that might be a road trip must have!

another take on, hand print art

You can grab one at Target or buy them here

what are your rainy day go-tos?

Oh, and another question for those who have ever left a comment on this blog.. when I reply back to you in the blog.. does it send you an e-mail notification letting you know I responded??


  1.  oh good! But, I'm almost wondering if it only does it for people who have a disqus account??

  2. Oh wow I've never heard of that before. I definitely need to pick on up considering my daughter is at that stage where if she finds her crayons she'll write on just about anything lol.

    Also yes I receive an email letting me know you reply! :)♥

  3. Love this idea! This would definitely keep my little one busy!

  4. I was THIS close to buying one last week. I am officially sold!

  5.  how funny! glad I could sell ya on it! :)

  6. Never seen those before, but they seem awesome! My daughter loves markers and those are deadly around a house lol! This sounds like a much 'safer' idea :)!

  7. I NEED THAT NOW!!! Thanks for the tip!! :)


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