Monday, June 11, 2012

feeling kinda overbooked

somehow I have found myself getting back into more photography sessions.. i'm currently claiming booked until september or maybe october. June & July will be some busy months, I can already tell. I'm kinda vacationing all August minus a wedding.

I for the first time in a long time have had some nice motivations to get back to doing sessions. Once we came back from Tennessee I decided to go back through and REVAMP my pricing and re-evauluate what doing a session for someone else was really worth. It's such a time consuming matter.. so i wanted to make sure it was well worth my time away from my family and my own goals. I am so glad I did because when I am done with each session I don't have that nagging feeling like uhh i so don't want to be doing this right now. I have had some fun sessions lately and coming up that I am really excited about.. but by the time Fall hits.. we will see if I still have this same attitude :)

and lets just say its nice feeling like I am contributing financially..

As far as life at home.. It's been rough only having ONE nice day last week..
there has been only one day I actually got to lay out in that precious sun!
Hoping there is more of it in the near future.. we'll see.

I'm pretty sure I jam-packed my schedule this week..
I'm squeezing in two possible sessions PLUS getting our own family pictures..
I figured I better take advantage of our photographer who did our last session before she goes on her maternity leave! my brain just might need a little break from all the planning and thinking all these sessions out though!!
oh & i got to get to work on ty's fathers day & birthdays gifts!!
{dont forget fathers day is in like two weeks people!}

from our bed, down the hall..
watching ty do the nightly routine reading with lex. such a sweet sight!


  1. i am a new follower on here and instagram! i LOVE your blog and your adorable family! you're such a pretty mama and your daughter is such a cutie!

  2. So cute! Fathers day is in one week though!! =)

  3. she is such a little angel in that b&w picture.  love.

  4.  haha thank you for keeping me on my toes! it has crept up fast!!

  5.  thanks girl!

  6.  aw well i am lucky to have you!! thanks for your support!!


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