Thursday, June 7, 2012

how to find a camera, that is right for you

most of my efforts lately went towards learning my new camera!

Let me give you a little brief background on what happened to my sweet d5000..

so 2009 comes around and I decide its time for a "REAL" camera, aka an SLR.

what is an SLR you ask:
basically, it's where you can switch out lenses.. i won't go into any further detail.

i did research to figure out the basics of what I really wanted in a camera without really knowing anything about REAL cameras...

the things i looked for back in '09..
ok maybe i wont go that far, because i honestly don't remember all my thoughts i had 3 years ago.
let's just say a couple things i do remember...
- Vari-angle LCD- (where i could flip up my screen and rotate it around)
- live viewfinder
- could record video

by the end.. (the last year and half.. i hardly ever used the flip-screen ability or my live viewfinder)
I used it at the begining, but dropped it once I learned what my picture taking groove actually was.
After research & talking with a lot of people (including the workers at Wolf Camera)
I decided to get the Nikon D5000 & the two "stock lenses"
that "comes with the camera" 18-55mm & 55-200mm

it took me a good while, maybe a little over a year.. to work my camera.
My main struggle starting out was, how to get good focus on my subjects during sessions. I would go home and upload my images and see how many images were out of focus, which left me super frustrated!!
I honestly thought I hated my camera at first, I just wasn't happy with it.
i struggled with figuring out my camera..

but with, time AND trial and error I obviously changed my opinion.
you have to learn your camera, and it takes time!

Over the last year or more I became obsessed with my camera. I loved knowing almost everything it is capable of. I loved knowing exactly where everything was on it when shooting a session.
I learned my groove and it made my sessions and everyday life so much easier!

I also learned that a GOOD lens is key (along with knowing how to work your camera)..
soo I decided that's what I needed, a new lens! I researched online..  read photographers interviews and saw what was in their bag or what they were recommending.
so I decided on the 35mm f1.8... and I fell in love!
I for the first time saw first hand what a better lens could do!
this gets scary for the pocketbook my friend..
because you keep wanting a better lens & they are not cheap!

so my advice for you...

honestly my biggest recommendation is ask the people who work in the camera shops. they always seem to know best.. even though you will get some bias opinions. they ultimately know what to recommend for starters..

Nikon owners will always recommend Nikon
Cannon owners will always recommend Cannon
If you have a mentor, friend, or family who you want to ask questions too.. I honestly recommend going in that direction.  You are going to want to talk camera talk with someone!!

my other current advice for starting out would be the Nikon d3100 or Nikon d5100, they will both be good bets to start learning with..

ok, so back to my Nikon d5000..
so back in '09 there was a recall sent out. It was dealing with the camera malfunctioning and not being able to turn on. You could send it in free of cost and they would fix it, I went in and printed out the information and just never sent it in.. I just couldn't part with it if mine worked fine!

so lets skip to three years later....
Monday we decide to go to the pool & I of course use my camera while I'm there.. come home and get the battery charged so it will be ready for my photo session that night... well i get to my sessions location and realize my cameras not turning on. WORST TIMING EVER. so my immediate thought was it was the battery... so Wyatt (luckily they are friends of ours) tells me his moms Nikon is laying on the kitchen counter.. so we head back (not too far from their house) and we swap the batteries and NADA..... so i'm kinda freaking out right about then! not sure why my camera is broke & not turning on. had no contact with water or dropping... so I end up using her camera with my lenses for the session.. luckily mostly everything worked out just fine.

I get home and research what could be causing this, and see that recall from '09... so basically my options are to send in my body d5000 to Nikon.. which has like a 5 week return to get your camera back. That's just hoping that the recall is actually what caused my camera to not turn on.
so in my head I'm thinking of every little & BIG event I have coming up within the next 5 weeks and I start getting sick to my stomach just thinking about not having my camera!

Long story short.. I decided to use this time to upgrade my camera's body.. something I never wanted to do.. honestly if i am going to spend money on something I want it to go towards better lenses. but, in this case "don't fix something until its broke" was my only option in my head.

so Tuesday afternoon i sent off my d5000 and ended up coming home with a d7000.
didn't totally plan on it.. but it seemed smart?! haha don't ask my husband that same question

so now my new goal is to figure out the d7000 like i knew the d5000.
i'm hoping it will be much easier than my transition to the d5000, i'm sure it will be
Jared Polin/Fro Knows is my current source of learning the ins and outs of my new d7000
along with the users manual of course! wish me luck!!

ok, sorry maybe that wasn't so brief


  1. I'm so glad that you posted this... I've had my D5000 since 2010 and I LOVE it, but I'm still using the kit lens AND I have yet to figure out how to use it outside of "auto" on a regular basis. So, thank you for the lens suggestion!! Good to know about the recall too, because I had not a clue!

  2. I've owned Nikon, Canon, and Olympus DSLRs in the past and I loved them all for various reasons but I can honestly say I'm a Canon girl lol. When I got my current camera (Canon EOS Rebel T3) I was considering it between the D5000 but I had went to Best Buy and the sales associate was ignoring me and acting like I wasn't there and wasn't going to buy anything so I left and went to Target. Another big factor was the way the D5000 fit in my hand as opposed to my T3. Now I'm kind of glad I still went with this decision and not the D5000 as I probably would have been one of the unlucky few who it would have just stopped working on. I hear the D3000 had problems too but they fixed those in the D3100.

    Good luck with the new camera though! I've always wanted a full frame (the D7000 is full frame right?).

    But yeah I say if you're going to invest in a $500+ camera take the time to learn it or you're just wasting your money and might as well be using a point and shoot.♥

  3. i totally should have mentioned in the post that the recall doesn't affect all Nikons.. but on their site you can plug in your serial number and see if it was one.. you so need to start transitioning out of auto! you will love when you finally get the hang of it! I'd start when you step into another lens if thats soon!

  4. nope the d7000 isn't full frame.. the next step up from a d7000 is full frame.. i honestly don't think a full frame is that critical.. but thats my personal opinion... if i had $3,000 to just drop on a body and month to wait.. i most likely would have gone with the d800.. haha but that can totally wait.. and if you have never used it, then you don't know what your missing out on! so its a win, win for me :)

  5. From Cupcakes, With LoveSeptember 1, 2012 at 12:14 AM

    I still need to figure out my own camera properly...your advice has totally helped :) and your blog is super cute by the way, I'm your newest follower!

    Do follow back if you get the chance :)
    From Cupcakes, With Love x

  6. Hmm always thought it was. Well an upgrade is still an upgrade! I know what you mean about waiting though lol. A new body isn't important right now anyhow, if anything I want new lenses haha. Maybe after tax refunds. ;P

  7. would LOVE you to do a photography tutorial =] i love your style and the way you explain things makes so much sense it would be amaze!


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