Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday's Recap {summer in spurts..}

This week has gotten me really excited for summer.. everywhere else has probably experienced summer weather for quite some time.. but here in Idaho the weather seems to flip flop.. a lot!

Like, it's suppose to hit 90 degrees for the first time..
and you know where I'll be, outside in it near some water!

Anyways, Friday we decided to head north up towards Yellow Stone Park.. we didn't go in the park just around the outside of it and it was so much fun! We did hit up Quake Lake and went into their Visitors Center and watched a little clip on it.. it was then that it hit me that I LOVE doing stuff like this.. i actually miss it from my childhood because that is the stuff my dad made sure we did on our road trip vacations.
later that night we came back and had a bonfire, the late hours creeped in and lexi couldn't stay awake so she ended up falling asleep on my chest.. under the stars.. this was an amazing mom moment, i tell ya!!


  1. What a great Monday with some amazing pictures huni, new follower :)

    Come join my weekly photo party x x

  2.  I love love love these photos! Visiting from This Little Momma and loving your blog so far! Off to read some more. :) Happy weekend, sugar! xo

  3.  thanks! be sure to send a link over in your comment ! I can't see it this comment?! i'm working on fixing that!

  4.  thanks! hope you enjoy it!

  5. Here are my links huni :)

    Kelly-Marie x x x

    Our Footprints On The World
    Kelly-Marie Photography

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