Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday's Look {do you contour?}

I am no makeup guru,
I have stuck to basics and I haven't really branched out to figure out what all my options really can be...
so we'll start with contouring your face, do you do it?

I have gathered 4 good sources that basically give
you the 411 {steps, products, advice} on what it's all about!

"Contouring can be used to enhance your face for many different reasons.

You may want to look 10 pounds lighter, want a slimmer looking nose, or may just need a nip and tuck look. Whatever it is, contouring can enhance facial features, add definition and create a sense of balance to the face."

"Contouring is the act of using dark or light colors to make features recede or become prominent, respectively. Contouring adds definition, structure, and dimension. "

"It always surprises me that for most women, contouring is often a skipped step. When you apply foundation to your entire face, you’re creating a blank canvas, making it critical to go back and add the dimensions back in."

and for the visual learner

still a skeptic?
well, i'm not so much a skeptic because i want to try it asap...
but I totally can see my face starting to look all discolored by the time i'm done with it myself..
so hitting up a make up store seems like a good first step
so they can do it on my face and give me tips as I go...


  1. YES! I learned to contour at sephora a few years back. I would head straight there because they can help you pick the right shade for your skin tone as well as the right brush to use to apply. I didnt want it to look obvious that I was using a bronzer and they helped me pick a shade that wasent too dark.

    I love the way my cheeks look with bronzer now and feel naked without it! It helps your face look leaner and healthier. Good luck and thanks for the tips and lessons.

  2.  i need a sephora near by!!


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