Wednesday, June 20, 2012

where i've been....

oh. my. goodnessssssss.
its been a crazy whirlwind in our house.. planning one thing after another!

Well, this past weekend we made a trip down to Utah to get away
and celebrate Tys birthday which is TODAY!
I had to unpack take a break from Father's Day and then move straight to birthday preparation!

since there isn't a mlb game ty could go to around here, we settled for aaa..
we had lots of fun with some of our friends down there!

she tries to talk her way into things she is not suppose to be doing... "jdsaf kskfj pnks, k?"

we headed down to Park City to hit up the outelets
and had pizza at Maxwells (worth the trip for that alone)

serious note: if your pizza falls to gravity..
you have a pretty good chance your pizza is going to taste just like heaven!

lots of shopping was done this weekend and dinner at Texas De Brazil
note to self: it's soooo not worth going with a toddler!

we went on a carriage ride around temple square and lex was mesmorized
also got to play a few jams on the way back to our hotel..

Made a last minute trip to Antelope Island..
it was so much fun and felt like a real vacation, despite the salt water and bugs!

  grabbed some late lunch before we hit the road

my camera that I sent in came back on monday, that sure didn't take as long as everyone was saying.. maybe it was b/c it was a recall??
still glad I upgraded though!

Wanna know what else I'm up to this week?
I'm shooting a Labor & Delivery session within the next 24 hours.. so i've been feeling like i'm an "on call" doctor :)
I'm shooting a wedding.. something I never thought I'd want to do...
and I'm trying to get through Tysons birthday before I stress about anything else that's coming up!! plus lots of family events going on

oh, and i woke up yesterday morning to my hands and face all numb..
this means only one thing.. go grab Excedrin Migraine because "death" is about to follow!
yes so i tried to manage til Ty got out of class by myself with Lex, he had meetings after classes so his grandma ended up coming and grabbing lex for me.. 
she was pretty good for me but managed to break my glasses during all of it

don't worry, i couldn't tell that my subject was outta focus at the time hah

I felt so nauseous and  I couldn't for the life fall back asleep to sleep the rest off..
today the "hangover headeache" is still lingering from the migraine, just glad it came yesterday instead of today!!


  1. Lindsey - what bathing suit are you wearing in that pic above? it is ADORABLE! 

  2. I love that first picture.  I always forget how great the mountains are there!  Everyone has been talking about City Creek lately and I fully intended to go when I was down there last month but left it until the last day...Sunday, on which it happens to be closed. :(  Glad you had a good trip!

  3. Fun getaway! Loved the pics. Are you shooting the delivery for Reb? I'm excited for them!!! Good luck with both photo shoots, you'll do great.

  4. Looks like a lot of fun :)
    You have the most adorable little family!
    You are gorgeous & your daughter is so freaking cute :)
    Hope you feel better!

  5. Fabulous pictures!  Looks like you all had such a great time and I just adore your outfits! :)

  6. Such cute pics! What a fun weekend you guys had!! It was so fun to see you guys and go to the game. I agree with the comments, you are always dressed so cute! I need to come shopping with you :)

  7.  Thanks! I made a post about it a couple months ago..

    long story short though, Target!

  8.  i know, i love it down there!!

  9.  thank you! totally feeling better now... haha kinda feeling a little less motivated for blogging though with so much going on :)

  10.  thank you kelly!

  11.  glad we got to hang out jess!! now we just need to convince the hubs to move down there!!

  12. love that ornage maxi skirt! absolutely adorable!

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