Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2 years ago today...

It's crazy to think that just two years ago..
i was having a major panic attack about what was going to happen...
I wasn't so much scared about taking care of our baby girl.. more of the process on how we were going to get our baby girl. Yes, I definitely freaked myself out about all that!! well she came & she was perfect and then I wondered why it was that I was content that she stayed in my belly.. she's a lot of work but we have loved watching her grow and become her own little person!
Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Girl!! we love you!!


  1.  thanks kelsey!

  2. ~~happy birthday to your beautiful little girl~~your photography captured her sheer beauty~~

  3. Happy Birthday Precious!   Your daughter is beyond beautiful, her eye's just take my breath away! You are very blessed!



  4. I think you are the only woman I've ever seen that actually looks that beautiful after giving birth, just so ya know - LOL :) Happy birthday to her!



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