Friday, July 6, 2012

i'm guilty of it...

I am an emotional wreck sometimes.
Sometimes it feels overwhelming with trials I continually hear people being faced with.
Everyone has some kind of trial in their life that they will eventually face, and that scares me.
It seems like every couple of weeks there is something new..  maybe because we now have social media, and it is becoming easier and faster to hear about all the things wrong in this little world among us..

Whatever it is, i think we all should be held accountible for service & charity.
what good did we do here on earth?
did we help when people needed?

well I am guilty of this.. what I am about to share with you took me probably a month to actually look into. I saw a couple of other blogs post about this special person. I knew each time I saw this person there was going to be a sad story that followed.. so I chose NOT to read into it any further.
I have a tendency to get too sad. too much anxiety. too much worry of wondering what our trial in life will be. when it surrounds my thoughts it becomes kinda depressing..  so i majority of the time try to avoid the sadness that comes with hearing about everyones trials unless I know them first hand.

Well on the 4th of July after the parade we headed to the park.. and I saw this little stand again with the GoTeamJason on it..
the same one i had seen come across these blogs.
i told my husband we need to go donate to them.. but, we had no cash.
so i decided to walk on over to it anyways and maybe find out a bit more..

I found out that he was from the town we live in, his Aunt was doing the table & i left with the card to his website.. with a goal to just donate on their site.

well it still has taken me a couple of days to actually go and watch..
and can i just say.. that it hit me when his wife talks towards the end.
She is LITERALLY faced with the fact that her husband might not make it. the fact that there is something that can help SAVE him. but is quite SPENDY... all they need is help to make it to the next step for his double lung transplant.

If I were in her shoes... what would I want? the answer is obvious.

If you would.. along with me just donate, even if it's a little.. it will help!

also check out their personal blog Me & Him.. you will fall in love with them!
oh, and please, please share the word about these two!!

help them reach their goal, they need around $30,000 more!
donate here

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  1. My friend edited that clip you can watch and once I watched it I had to donate! I especially like to donate to Rexburgites, but I had to donate here cause he is a fellow Optometrist to be so I hold those close to my heart :)


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