Monday, July 9, 2012

Mondays Recap {our 4th of July}

we woke up and headed off to the annual 4th of July parade with all of Ty's family.. after the parade & park we decided to get some water toys goin since it was so nice & hot out!
then we headed to watch firworks & let's just say it wasn't the cleanest space for the kids :)
Lex was a mess but we all had fun!! I'll be heading to the airport to grab my sister & neice later today and then tom is Lexi's 2nd Birthday, and her party on Saturday!! It's going to be a crazy, busy, and fun week!!


  1.  i know! I think i may take the small town thing a bit for granted :) and Disneyland sounds like an amazing birthday present!!!

  2. Aw looks like you had a great 4th of July! I wish our town did parades like that but they only have a Christmas parade here that 2 of the local high schools are in. Happy birthday to Lexi!! I hope the party is amazing! I'm not even sure what we're doing for our daughter's 2nd birthday. We might just skip an actual party and take her to Disneyland because she has an obsession with Minnie Mouse at the moment lol. ;P

    Love, Jazmyn


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