Monday, July 16, 2012

My crazy little weekend...

This weekend we had moved up Lexi's Birthday Party from Saturday to Friday, for two reasons.. Tyson had a field trip with one of his classes that had to be moved to Saturday, due to an unhappy professor that didn't want him missing his class & the weather looked like it was going to be crappy all day on Saturday.. so we just decided to make Friday work! Well little did I know that those two things would cause my mom to miss out on the party.. My mom, sister, and husband all pulled off the most amazing surprise, maybe for the first time in my whole life. Her flight was originally suppose to get in Friday at 6, but the lovely airlines had delays and she didn't arrive until 10 o'clock Friday night.. an hour after the party was over. Well we decided to hit up Applebees after the party & we were all a bit exhausted, not to mention my allergies were acting up like crazy & my contacts were popping off my eye. Nonetheless, I went to bed so so happy that night!! Best surprise EVER! Shocked they pulled it off, because I am quite an over-analyzer on just about everything thats going on! Sadly, we took my sister back to the airport yesterday and I take my mom back this afternoon!


  1.  i know i am still shocked they were able to keep it!!

  2. Hannah {Our Journey Blog}August 31, 2012 at 11:55 PM

    Aw! What a sweet surprise! :) I got to surprise my husband this weekend!   ;)

  3. That's the sweetest thing ever! So glad she was able to visit. Good job Ty and Michelle  for keeping it a secret! 


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