Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday's Tip {how to become a .com}

guess what?!?!

pillow thought is now a {.com}

what does this mean for you?
absolutely nothing,
will now redirect you to
BUT, if you would like to correct your links directing you to this blog, 
by all means go ahead and take out the .blogspot & just keep the .com

I have made all corrections to the Pillow Thought buttons here for you already!
family picture c/o Tara - I will be posting our family session soon!
Now. if this applies to you..
you can read further
on how it all went down

Basically, ever since I started this little blog.. (the domain name) was already taken..

well a couple of weeks ago I got this random e-mail inquiring about buying the domain name..
well this e-mail was from a third user party and I checked out their site for a bit to see if it was legit..
it looked sketchy.
so then I had my husbands friend (who knows a lot about all this) and asked him what to do..
he then referred me to

and since this domain was not quite ready to be on the market yet
{it's Status was in redemptionPeriod}
"What this means basically is that the owner is done with the domain and is getting rid of it. This is one of the last steps the domain goes through before it is available to the public."

I was able to then signup for domain backordering: here
It cost about $20 and they basically monitor the process and as soon as you can purchase/claim the domain, they let you know. Actually in my case it was all said and done..
I received e-mails through the entire process and when the final closure came
I received an e-mail stating " successfully captured"

I didn't have to pay for anything further, everything was in writing on their site that it was MINE!

Now for hosting:
I chose to stick with blogger to host. Not GoDaddy. Not Wordpress.

1. Transferring else where sounds way too time consuming for me to handle right now.
2. I'm satisfied with blogger and I have what I need.. if things change in the long run I can always change.
3. I believe blogger will eventually have all the capabilities of WordPress

so Blogger.. has an option under the Settings Tab, then go to publishing and you can follow the steps there on how to add in your new domain name that you already own.
It now automatically transfers my traffic to ( without changing anything else!!

It was kinda a longer process for me, since my title I wanted was already taken.. so if you don't run into that problem for you things will be much more faster!


  1. I really admire yours happiness family and I will have my first baby in next month, really looking forward to that!

  2. Congrats on making the switch! I'm in the process of doing mine too..but mine has taken a LOT longer!!

  3. I've noticed a few other blogs make the change lately. What are the benefits? 


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