Monday, August 13, 2012

my tennessee trip

dress & sandals: gap {last year} bracelets: lenny&eva lace headband:icing

surprised my mom
dinner with my best friend from high school 
ate at my favorite chinese place
ate at McAlister's twice
got my eyebrows threaded
stocked up on some more Lenny & Eva jewlery
enjoyed time with my family
shot a wedding

i'd say, it's been a pretty good last six days!


  1. I'm just wondering if I could ask what kind of camera you use? (or what one is your go-to?) I am just starting to get more into photography, and love all of your work... and yes I know, it's not the camera but the person behind it!

    Just hoping to get some tips as I research what camera to get as my next one! Thanks a million!

  2.  I used to use a Nikon D5000 -most pictures were taken on this blog with that one- and i now use a Nikon D7000! Sorry I am just now seeing this to respond!

  3. 1-Lexi's hair is getting so long!! Love it.
    2-So happy you were able to go home.
    3-I've never seen your hair back, and I LOVE IT!
    4- I can't get over Lexi's bracelets! I want my own.
    5-Loved all the pics. And I want to try the eyebrow threading, still scared to death she'll mess up! :)

  4.  thank you, and yes you do need to try the threading... except i am kinda nervous having anyone in idaho do them.. because i'm not sure how well they do haha.. but i love it everytime i am done being tortured!

  5. Lexi is the most stylish toddler I know! She is darling and these pictures are beautiful.  LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair in a bun!!!!! You need to wear it like that more often!

  6. thanks less! 

  7. I love to go to Memphis.  I live in Saltillo, MS and while it is 5 minutes from Tupelo there is still nothing to do here.  So Memphis is the nearest town that has lots of things to do and places to eat and shop.  I hope you had a good time being home!

  8. how fun that you live near memphis!!

  9. i'm diggin your top knot! and little miss lexi is so precious!

  10. Love those pics of Lexi......  Thanks again for coming to do Bailey & Keegan's pics....

  11. SO cute! I love those little bracelets:)
    come visit me!


  12. What a gorgeous little girl!


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