Thursday, August 23, 2012

Organize & Store Images on your Computer

I touched this topic a little here...
But, I am going to give a play by play on my exact routine
since I hear people asking questions about this topic often!

ok, so i'll give my
tip for non mac users first..
but this WILL APPLY for everyone.

Ok, so I have a love/hate relationship with photobucket lately.. I have ALWAYS used photobucket for my images on the blog.. I would HIGHLY suggest you UPGRADING your account- if you don't your pictures will look... kinda crappy! super pixely and ya, ugly.  Ok, so an upgrade is worth it in my book! I have been having problems with my images for the past 6 months not coming across the same exact color as i see them on my screen. Which can be super frustrating to me.. but keep in mind i have an OCD mindset with photos and the way they look.. and EACH computer screen is calibrated differently and each person sees ONE images about dozen different ways.. possibly, a photographers nightmare!! mine at least.

However, I honestly don't have a better option right now.. so I have to go back in on photobucket and manually bump up the color.. it's like it automatically saturates some/most of my images.

So - back to my point -
Photobucket - you upload into albums- I do mine by years.
And then you copy & paste the html code into my blog post - on the HTML side.

SO this has been my ONLINE STORAGE solution for all of my photos.

Now, when I am not using my nice camera I am using my iphone.
Thus, two places I need to grab photos from..

I really do not like to use my iphone pictures on this blog-
but i do however use them on our personal blog.

PHOTOBUCKET has a phone app - you just download it- and you can go into the setting and change it to automatically upload your images as you take them - or you can have the option to go in and pick the ones you want to upload- which is the method i choose.
i also make sure to make a new album called iphone (a one time thing)-
and send them to that one! This works so nicely for VIDEOS as well!! 96% of my videos come from my iphone!
SUPERRRRR EASY! and SUPER effortless!

So now for blogging purposes -
You have 1 SITE, to go to
For 2 DIFFERENT sources where your images were taken.

I also had another photographer friend post on facebook: "photographer friends: 
what are your recommendations for smaller cameras 
with a flash to take along places conveniently?"

my personal opinion:
I can't do any other.. I tried it once and got too annoyed
with lack of quality so I lug my beast around with me
when I know I am going to want pictures..
Everything else is taken on my iphone 4s.

Now, for my method on my laptop,
from the moment I plug in my card reader.

Yes, i DO NOT plug any cords into my laptop-
such a lifesaver on my time & battery life.
Step 1: plug in card reader with my sim card

Step 2:
(i take a lot of pictures- not always ones i need)
So i pull the images that are on my sim card-
straight to my preview program on my mac.

(do this by dragging)

NOW, i have a chance to view them Big.

Step 3:
make a new folder on my desktop & name it with the date I am uploading 
(Aug 22 upload) make sure when you have your preview program up
you can still see your folder on your desktop- (makes dragging easier)

Step 4: 
go back to the Preview program and DRAG the images i like,
over into the folder i just made (Aug 22 upload)

NOW, they are on my computer. and organized.

I do all deleting of images on my sim card in my camera-
I will "reformat card" once I know that EVERYTHING
on that sim card is on my computer and no longer needed.
because it will be deleted forever!

Step 5:
Drag that (Aug 22 upload) Folder into my August folder
which is under my 2012 folder
{2012}-{August}-{August 22 upload}
so things are kept organized.

my 5 cents on iPhoto
so iPhoto is nice..
but it duplicates the crap out of your images.. anytime you move it somewhere
you will eventually have like 5 of the same image all over the place and it gets hard to keep track of which one you actually need to keep.
all together, I try not to work in iPhoto-
I only use it when I am organizing and weeding out images in sessions-
I like that i can easily go through and delete, move into certain orders, edit simple things when working with RAW images, etc...
I also like that I can export and give all my images in a folder a certain name,
like "BKWedding" with sequential numbers following.. but i DELETE all images on iPhoto - under the Photos Tab & right after that I delete everything in the Trash Can
ONLY after I export them to a folder on my desktop and I know i have the copy i need.


  1. Great post.  One question.....which is always my problem.  What do you do with your pictures after you have edited them and put them onto Photobucket?  

  2.  can you explain your question a little better? Once they are uploaded to Photobucket - that means i already have a folder with those same files on my desktop.. let me know if i answered that wrong?! Thanks!!

  3. Thank you for the tip!  Something we can all benefit from!

  4. Great tips Lindsey! Thanks!

  5. Awesome, thanks for this! 


  6. Hi, love your blog and photos! What kind of computer do you use for editing and software? Thank you so much!


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