Tuesday, August 28, 2012

our trip to Williamsburg, Virginia

If the Moon Fell Down by Chase Coy on Grooveshark

Our time here in Virginia is coming to a close..
We have split our time between the DC area & the Richmond area for the last 7'ish weeks.. soaking up what all these places have to offer. Our latest venture included Williamsburg and it didn't disappoint, just kinda wishing we would have stayed there a little longer..

Me & Lexi have one more stop (to my hometown for my best friends wedding) before we will actually be home in Idaho but Tyson has to get back for his FINAL semester!!
It is sooo exciting to finally say he just has ONE more til he graduates this December!!

Williamsburg included:
Taking turns sitting in the car with diggy while we hit up the outlets since our hotel wouldn't let us check in before 4..
having a day of 30% chance of rain turn into a 99.9% chance- running through puddles and pouring rain and remembering how much my hair & humidity hate each other
checking out merchants square and falling in love with that cute little town
making a late night dessert run, which turned into ordering a Chili's to-go molten lava cake and eating outside of a souvenir shop on picnic tables.. nights like this make me love my little family and having these little vacations in my life!
ending our trip with a day at Busch Gardens

i think the rain that day just added a little extra character
and made everything look so green and flourish!!

nothing sexier than,
your husband going and getting the car for you when it's pouring down rain!
lexi's firehouse subs hat came in handy that day

so we weren't really sure which little activity would be best for a 2 years old, apparently there about a million things to do in Williamsburg including all of the historical things, Water Country, Busch Gardens, and the beach that is only an hour away.. But, we decided to go with Busch Gardens. We wanted something that Lexi wouldn't get too burned out on.. we figured historical sites wouldn't be the best option to hold a 2 year old attention span.. and when we discovered that Busch Gardens had a pet center where they will watch your pets - that sealed the deal!
Our first stop was to drop off Diggy, and to think just 3 years ago.. when he was my only baby.. i might have had a little bit of anxiety dropping him off there. But, he was perfectly fine, it was clean, they had fans.. and it was so nice that they even had a place for your pets!!
big plus for travelers!

Next stop was to find food - since it was going on noon and none of us had eaten a thing.. we landed at Das Festhaus - which happened to be the perfect place for lunch - it was indoors with AC and a show was starting ten minutes after we walked in.. which Lexi loved! After that show - we decided the shows were most likely going to be her biggest hi-lites so we saw Entwined, Pet Shenanigans, and Celtic Fyre. We also did some rides that allowed an adult on with her.. she is not quite at the age to be comfortable enough with out mom or dad.. she loved all of it though! loves that she is holding onto his finger

Lexi's dress: gap outlet

we spent a good five hours there and lexi was out the entire way back to Richmond,
including Diggy.. who made a bed out of my purse on the floorboards.


  1. Oh my gosh...how odd they had a place for your pets...kinda cracked me up!!! But that worked out perfect! Miss y'all


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