Thursday, September 20, 2012

an Airplane & a Toddler

Rule #1: You don't conquer, you just go with the flow!

Rule #2: pick your battles.

Do you really want her mouth all over the windows? No. Do you really want her shoving that tiny little size 5 foot of hers in the back of the seat in front of you? No. Do you really want her screaming airplane out of excitement as you ride the runway? hmm maybe.

Spankings won't work on planes, that kinda sends the
"let's scream even louder and throw a way bigger tantrum"
kinda message to your little one, for mine at least

Honestly every flight & child is a hit or miss, some are good some are bad..
we have flown way too many flights these past two years and we have
been on the realms of both.

Times where if at any given moment,
someone would have so much as looked at me wrong.. I would have cried.

Every tip I could give would most likely be contradicted by what happens on the next flight.
One day of flying could go so smoothly and the next could have melt downs,
lots of melt downs.
But, here is some tips on what I have learned...

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I actually saw this Zoobies Hippo off of a segment for the Today Show back in 2011 that was specifically geared towards airplane products - I was sold on it, and I ordered Lexi her own. I actually haven't used the thing until this past month of travels & i am so glad I bought the thing.
Check amazon for cheaper prices...
ALSO, cuddleuppets are super cute & would make for a lot of fun too! 

HIT UP a Party Store - head straight to the party favors...
they run anywhere from 15 cents and up...
grab little candies, necklaces, markers, dum dum lolli pops, finger toys, etc...
You can also check out the Dollar Store, Targets Dollar Section,
Michaels Dollar Sections, or you can secretly save toys from happy meals..
the point is - make sure it is brand new to her/him... old toys are definitely not as fun and I never have seen as much retention with old toys.
Even a brand new little book will do wonders during take off, since you can't rely on electronics.

Seriously, the ipad is probably my most favorite thing for lexi.. it has been a true lifesaver on flights for sure! It has an incredible battery life! If you ever think about getting a Nubi - don't!  Make sure you have movies & cartoons purchased from itunes. You can also rent movies (cheaper) on itunes that last for around 24 hours from the time of download - not all movies can be rented though. Also, I love that most apps and all of our movies & episodes don't require internet.
Her favorite ipad apps:
Nick Jr Draw & Play HD- kinda expensive but such a nice app!!
I can see why they charged more for it.
Seek & Find by wonderkid - i think one comes free but I have purchased all the scenes for this one because she really uses and enjoys this one. I like interactive apps that don't have ads because otherwise she is constantly clicking on them.

I'm not sure about you, but carrot sticks don't do it for my child...
Any snacks, treats, or candy will do wonders for bribing or keeping them quiet,
atleast sometimes.
When you have a crying child that won't stop - that seems to be the one thing that everyone always hands me. About 85% of the time it won't work during a melt down.. ok i take that back about 99.9% chance it won't... but it will help prevent melt downs! KNOW when to give it to them- if they are being content with whatever they are doing.. don't hand them treats- treats are only for when you start to notice them getting bored- if you hand it to them too early it won't be new or exciting anymore.

Lexi, for some reason does not care too much for her normal toys - I have tried to carry everything I thought would work perfect and they never seem to phase her (minus the ipad) - but coloring will always be a safe bet! go for the fun stuff like crayons or markers if you are daring.. or something you don't usually let her play with..
also lexi has never liked those little travel size packs that draw on clear and then the color appears.. so those haven't been much of a help for us.

A traveler size Lysol, is a much needed item to spray down the seats, windows, seat belts, seat in front of you, bathroom, and whatever else you think your toddler will put her hands and mouth on!
FYI - most planes will allow you to get seated early
- no matter what "class" you fly.. take advantage of that!
You can use that time to spray down everything. 
people may look at you like you are ocd or crazy.. or might inhale a little too much of the lysol..
so it's a good idea to do it before you have a crowd!
I also really think my child picked up hand-foot & mouth after airplane traveling.. so now I use it religiously to avoid whatever germs our airplanes may carry!
You can pick it up at the airport, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, or Target.
Hand Sanitizer isn't a bad idea either.. i don't know what it is but Lexi ALWAYS has a number 2 while flying...

I'm kinda in love with our, the First Years stroller above,
but any ole' umbrella stroller will do the job!

We got this phil&teds pack-n-play before Lexi was born, and it has been very good to us! Yes, it is half the size of a real pack-n-play.. but it has made it such a life saver for traveling! It can actually fit inside our suitcase, it's light weight & definitely beats being charged extra for another "bag"!


  1. GREAT tips!! I needed these just in time for our FL trip Sunday! Thanks for sharing. :)

    Ohhh and we're having our baby boy's 2nd birthday on Saturday and I'm copying your little "flower starter kits bowls" for our fruit that you used for Lexi's 2nd birthday! Can't wait to put them together! :))



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