Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday's Film {call your girlfriend}

and to think,
i almost did away completely with Fridays Films..
i will most likely cut back almost completely with friday's film,
but, when i come across something lovely-
it will surface on this blog!

i am
in. love. with these girls voices. pure bliss i tell ya!
you better believe i just subscribed to their channel too
because i can almost guarantee they are going to make some more amazing'ness to follow!
like them here


  1. super cute need to submit it to ellen

  2. I love Lennon & Maisy :)
    They are awesome!

  3. I love these girls too! My favorite is their Jason Mraz cover of "I won't give up" is the best!! I featured that video on my blog in the beginning of August!


  4. oh my awesomeness! the blonde... looks like she 6. WOW! they were so nsync

  5. Your blog is gorgeous!! Loving it!

    You have a new follower :)


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