Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fun Find {wood iphone case}

For Father's Day I had bought my husband a wood iphone case,
while browsing for his i found some pretty cute camera wood cases..
and kinda fell in love!

So, my husbands ended up breaking just by the bottom plug-in part..
wasn't a huge deal - but kinda annoying since it was brand new
so i e-mailed them back,
tdwoodzing- on etsy
and they were very nice and said they would send another one to us for free
(it ships from china)

so when my birthday rolled around,
I wanted to get the camera wood one
opened the package, and fell in love
then later that night after using it for a day it had quite a few scuffs already
and the scuffs continue.

i just went to their etsy to e-mail them - and they no longer have a shop on etsy! 
Their cases run $40

so in my opinion -
I would be VERY careful about buying any wood iphone cases
they are pretty gorgeous -
but maybe not so practical.

Mine got so scuffed because it is carved out into a camera
it's not sealed or anything to protect the outside.
my husband didn't run into that particular problem with his.

after 2 days use
day 3, there is even more
still love it, maybe i'll just claim "it adds more character"

UPDATE: that phone broke after a week...
leaving it out in the sun may have helped
but, all in all. that was a crappy case!
check out my current case here


  1. If you want a really great wood case you should check out Root Cases Miles and I both have them and love them! They're extremely durable. We've had them for over a year with no scratches or breaks!

    1. thanks chelsey! I'll have to keep that site in mind when these give out!!

  2. I will have to say those that's a pretty cool Iphone case. I had never seen those before.

  3. What kind of makeup do you use?? Girl your skin looks so amazing!!!

    1. I actually just made the switch to MAC a couple of weeks ago and really love what i'm using now - i have dry skin- so they recommended this
      then a full coverage mac powder - mac eye shadow - clinique mascara -
      BUT, keep in mind -- i am a photographer and I edit skin types almost always... so i smoothen' things out :)

  4. That's too bad about that case - it looks so awesome!

    I'm curious what the actual wood was that the case was made of - there are also ways to protect the wood from scuffs and whatnot. Better luck on finding some new ones in the future - I know there are a ton of good ones!


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