Monday, September 24, 2012

Lexi's 1st CAMERA

The Lucky One by Jess Penner on Grooveshark

black over-sized sweatshirt: 77kids - gray leggings: old navy - black boots: children's place (last year)

This cute little pose is not only adorable but kinda makes me sad
she looks sooooo grown up!!

while I was in TN, I was prepping my niece on how to pose for her session..
lexi jumped right in and got the hand on the hip right away.. and it has become a favorite

saturday afternoon,
was kinda momentous
lexi got her 1st camera!

It was  actually funny to watch her and see
how much she has picked up from watching me
so we set out into nature & photographed together
and i'm pretty sure she thought she was in heaven,
as did I,  just watching her
best mommy/daughter date ever.

this photographer is
a little sassy,
doesn't listen to instructions well,
gets really irritated if you use her camera,
photographs EVERYTHING,
including cute little fingers.

and she makes her momma proud regardless!
sadly, we will be returning this little camera and finding one that is a bit better
85% of the pictures she took were blurry.. she had no idea
she needs one with vibration-reduction


  1. i seriously love this post with all my heart. SO adorable. :)

  2. seriously the cutest little date ever. how fun for both of you. loving her outfit!!

  3. How adorable!!! Love her little pose. She needs to give my girls some tips!

  4. haha oh my heck how cute is she!! I LOVE all of her little clothes!

  5. LOVE this post and my favorite picture is her checking out to see what kind of picture she got...miss her and I want to bite those little lips off!!! Miss ya sis!

  6. Could you share what camera you exchange it for? I'd love to get something for my kids for Christmas!

    1. this would be my pick:

  7. Perfect girl - Snooki D.


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