Friday, September 21, 2012

my photographer nightmare

as I am getting back into the swings of things
with taking on more sessions the past couple of weeks and the weeks ahead..

I am finding myself getting back into that groove,
the one where I stop picking up my camera unless its for sessions
where i stop capturing the little things in our life
the groove that i hate so badly!

it kinda makes me sad, because i like recording those moments.
i have not made a single post on our personal blog in 3 months.
that's a HUGE gap and a first for me..
I fully intend on getting it all caught back up with pictures..
but my journaling (yes, i know that's not a word) of the moments aren't there anymore.
the words i felt at that moment... i can't really remember them

so i get frustrated..
and i'm going to make it my goal
in the midst of all the editing of sessions
to make time to record our personal memories,
and to pick my camera back up.

and i hope you do the same this weekend!

photos from my latest session


  1. I am in the same boat! It's sad when my camera is just associated with 'work' rather than the beautiful tool it is for capturing moments for my family!

    Brandy Jane Mabel

  2. i hate that feeling! i don't have a photography business, but can totally relate to not wanting to pull out my camera{sadly right now it's my stinkin iphone camera} and write about that funny moment or uplifting story. sometimes it just takes too much time and you want to live in the "now". when i start thinking that, i have to remind myself that i LOVE writing those things down. this is my fun spot/little hobby family blog that i enjoy updating...and my kids will have a blast reading about all this stuff later on!


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