Monday, September 17, 2012

officially headed home!

oh. my. goodness.
i promise i'll be back soon!
I finally fly home today, back to Idaho-
it's been over a month since we were home due to ty's job & a wedding
and 19 days since I saw my husband (due to visiting family & being in TN for a wedding)!!
which is way tooo long! i'm ready to see his sweet face

But, seriously we have been so busy
since the moment we got here so it has been a fun and eventful!

I am ready to get back to
our home,
our own beds,
and mostly just ready to stop living out of our suitcases!!

the girls were all so helpful with lex, thank goodness!!
she was especially obsessed with kaitlin & cole (kristins younger sister)

she sat so good while they did her hair!
and a little spoiled having the bride holding her a movie

Lexi had a very long day, and fell asleep on the bus ride to the church..
which resulted in not getting her to walk down the aisle...
she wakes up cranky - but, ya just gotta go with the  flow!
I ended up having to just hold her as I walked down the aisle... she did perfect the night before at the rehearsal & kristin bribed them with presents both nightslike she did the night before- but no bribery worked for this girl on the wedding night!

they hired the grizz announcer & mascot to introduce the birdal party & bride & groom
it was sooo much fun.. i'm excited to see all the pics from the photographer & videographer!

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