Thursday, September 6, 2012

ten years later

tonight it dawned on me, visiting my parents and all..
that ten years ago this very night..
i was most likely getting my little self ready for bed,
most likely thinking about my teenage self, my friends, soccer, boys, parties and again my social life.

Tonight, ten years later..
i'm thinking about much different things
I'm married to my other half and i sang my two year old to sleep...
holding her close - in almost the same exact spot my bed laid ten years ago.
I can almost guarantee..
i never knew how blessed i'd be.
and for that i am thankful


  1. this is precious! i love your hair color and your littlegirl is ADORABLE!

  2. you're so beautiful lindsey!!! love this post. being a momma and a wife definitely changes your life for the better!

  3. I second that! :) Definitely blessed!

  4. I love your post. You're certainly blessed. Also, your little girl is gorgeous!

  5. How precious.
    Isn't it crazy how life changes and people evolve?
    What a blessing, for sure!


  6. This is so precious. I was just talking to my husband about only a year ago....A year ago we hadn't met yet...and now we are married and have moved across the country...I can't even imagine how much more blessed I will feel 5 or 10 years from now (:

  7. What a precious post

    My husband called me when I was on my way to my Mom's house yesterday & he asked me where I was heading to. I said "My House." My Mom's house will always be my house. :)

  8. so sweet. its the small simple moments that make life so bliss.


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