Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday's Look {Black & Blue Jean}

adult: 1 2 3    top it off: 1 2 3   mini me: 1 2 3

this was the look for me last weekend,
i was able to wear my new boots
since last years pair didn't last through the winter..
it also dawned on me, why i have so many chunky rings.
that will be your go-to jewelry,
during the long-sleeve seasons


  1. I just bought my niece those boots with a shirt from old navy and black jeans but the jeans were out of stock so they cancelled them so I am on the hunt! I love this look!

    1. I bought lexi some black jeans from Gap? about two-three weeks ago? maybe try there if you havent already??

  2. Cute! This a favorite look of mine for fall, I just got a new chambray shirt this weekend :)


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