Monday, October 22, 2012

a fairy, bowling, and big girl bed updates

We had our first Halloween Party on Saturday, I am kinda glad it was so early.. because it kinda got me in the Halloween mood... finally. It took me forever to settle on something for her Halloween costume.. the options she would even say were strawberry shortcake & a fairy...  so I picked a fairy. She still doesn't get the whole concept when I ask her what she wants to be for Halloween.. but then maybe she does? but she honestly doesn't care yet at this age, and i wouldn't put it past me if I changed up her costume to be something else this weekend, i have problems! ha

i forgot to post pics from when we went bowling a couple of weeks ago!
she loved it & it was her first real time where she could participate!
she had lots of energy that night for not having a nap that day!

so the transition big girl bed
has been rough!

seriously debating about putting the crib back together!
First night & morning & second night went amazing...

we bribed her with money for the piggy bank to stay in bed when we put her down at night

morning two - is when it all went down hill..
she realized that she could get out whenever she wanted -
which has resulted her ending up in our bed anywhere from 5-7am
she never used to wake up during the middle of the night
(that we knew of)
so that was something unexpected i didn't see coming.

let's just say i have the least amount of patience during the middle of the night when i am dead asleep
(5-7am still counts as middle of the night for me)
so i have majorly lacked on going back and forcing her self to stay in her bed
 i know people stress consistency...
but life happens, you have neighbors next to her room (we live in a townhome) so i dont want her screaming for hours on end,  friends stay the night, and i could go on with excuses on why only one night this last week i didn't give in to her sleeping in our room when she woke up.
which by the way that one night - still didn't end with her going back to bed - by the time i gave up and decided to call it quits it was time to get up for good that morning.

any suggestions would be very helpful
anything more than "be consistent" would be even more appreciated!
Back to crib? or Stick it Out??


  1. I've heard of people putting up a baby gate at the entrance to the room so the toddler has to stay in their room for the night... but I don't have a toddler yet, so I don't know how that would go! Good luck!

  2. For one of mine who struggled with staying in bed we put up the Pack-n-play. If she got up she went in it. She didn't like it because it felt like a Baby bed. The Screaming next to neighbors is hard. But I would just get up and Put in the pack-n-play let he cry for 20 min then go back and ask her is she wanted in her bed she almost always said yes. Sometimes it took a couple tries but on the 3rd try I left her in the pack-n-play until she would fall back to sleep. Most the time she went back in her bed and fell back to sleep. Good Luck transitions are so hard.

  3. We haven't done it at our house, but we have at the in laws. We put a baby gate at the door. I know a couple of people who have had success with these alarm clocks that let kids know when it is ok to go wake mom and dad:

  4. I personally believe don't change what isn't broken, especially when dealing with a "spirited" child. ;) There's nothing wrong with keeping them in their crib any longer. She's only a little over 2, some say 3 or after is a good age to make that transition. I found that to be the case for Brody. A little after he turned 3 we switched him over. Good luck!! :)

  5. Nap times were the hardest for us, because my son would climb out over and over again. I just stood at the door and waited until he got out, and then I walked back in there and put him back into bed. We did this over, and over, and over again for about a week. I'm not gonna lie, there were days I cried I was so stressed out. But he is fine now. He still climbs into bed with us during the night, but that doesn't bother me, because we semi co-slept for almost 2 years. Just know that she is still little, and she won't be sleeping in your bed for forever. :)

  6. Super cute fairy costume! She is darling! We moved Evelynn our 2 1/2 year old into a toddler bed in May and she did ok but would get out after the first week. If she likes stickers like our little girl does maybe you could do a sticker chart and every time she stays in bed, she gets to put a sticker on when she wakes up. But if she gets out then she has to take a sticker OFF! (heartbreaking :) ) After so many stickers she can pick a new toy. if it doesnt work maybe put the crib up again! Then everyones happy and when shes ready she will let you know! I try to remind myself they are only little for so long! Your a great momma! Keep it up!

  7. Can you put the crib back into her room *without* taking out the big girl bed? Start her off in her big girl bed and as soon as she wakes up and gets out, put her in the crib for the rest of the night. She won't like it, and eventually she won't get out of her big girl bed because she'll see the crib and remember that she'll end up there instead

  8. So this is going to make me sound like the "bad" or "mean" mom...we switched Stone to his toddler bed when he would climb out of his crib and couldn't get back in (sad day for me...i LOVED the crib)...i knew he would just get out of the toddler bed and get out of the room so i put a child door knob lock on the inside of his bedroom door. i still use a monitor so that if he needs me in the middle of the night or needs to get out to use the bathroom i'll know. but he knows he can't get out of his room so he usually stays in bed. good luck!


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