Tuesday, October 9, 2012


With Halloween & Christmas coming up,
I think you are all going to be just
a wee-bit excited for this little giveaway!!
Especially you moms!!
Krystin from disneytripexpert.com is offering
1 Pillow Thought reader a $30 gift card
that can be used at any
Disney Store or Disney Park

If you don't see a definite Disney trip in your immediate future
no worries, because you can use this card at your local Disney Store in the mall or online!
do you have your kids halloween costume yet?
want to get started on their Christmas wish list?

But, make sure to like Krystin's facebook page so you can save her information for future trips!
She also gives away Disney gift cards for every 200 Likes on her FB page along with other fun giveaways!

Krystin's services are 100% FREE.
             she gives amazing tips and tricks on disneytripexpert.com

Krystin's services include: 
help with choosing the resort that is best for your family
she will set up all of your dining reservations
she creates an itinerary for you
and does everything that you need,
taking care of all aspects of your trip!

moms always like
organization & help

so why on earth,
would you not take her up on this FREE option??

she's like your Personal Assistant
for your next Disney vacation!
If you book through Kristin she also includes a Minnie Box delivered to your mailbox!
If you already have a Disney trip booked, she can still help you!
AND if you transfer your trip to Krystin you get a gift card as well!


  1. Just in time for our Disney World trip in January!

    1. aww yay!! You will have to keep me posted about your run!

  2. Replies
    1. let me know if its fixed when you refresh the page?

  3. Well was actually looking forward for a lovely gift collection from Disney for the upcoming Christmas season.


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