Friday, October 12, 2012

don't miss out, {how to effectively follow your favorite blogs)

one of my lovely readers brought to my attention a very annoying little fact about Facebook.

Facebook has been encouraging your favorite pages (blogs, retail stores, celebrities & artist)
to pay for their post/updates to actually get viewed by most of their readers.
With that being said that means facebook only shows 25% of their readers their post

so we are going to fix that little problem today!
ok sometimes blogs can be a little overwhelming I know!!
every little giveaway include to like a page..

If you are a major blog hoppper you might "like" hundreds of blogs on your facebook
and maybe only a handful you actually REALLY care to keep up with, kinda like me!

I am going to share my three favorite ways, including Facebook
what you can do to make sure you aren't missing out on any of your favorite blogs post!

YOU just need to follow
these simple steps to get it to work!

1st way:
Hover over pillow thought/your favorite blogs pages like button until a drop down pops up..
then click "show in news feed" - you will only have to do this process ONE TIME for each
of your favorite blogs! but sadly won't positively guarantee you will see EVERY post still.

2nd way(totally recommend doing both):
All you need to do is:
Hover over your liked button until a drop down pops up..
Then click on +New List
You are now given a chance to name your list
{favorite blogs}
then all you have to do is find "favorite blogs"on your left hand side bar
and you now have special mini feed JUST for your favorite blogs!

you are now all done & ready for following on facebook!!
Be AWARE though:
There is currently no way to guarantee that every post from a page appears in every fan’s news feed who has selected ‘show in news feed’.
Lists will help, but is an extra click -so not automatic!

Bloglovin' is next up on my list..
this is the way I chose to follow my favorite blogs.
since I am a blogger, looking at other blogs gets put on the back-burner for days
I wait for nights or morning to just be able to relax and ejoy some good reads..
so most of the time I look at a whole bunch all at once.
is amazing for this sole purpose!
All, I have to do is click on the first blog post that comes up on my feed....

then, when that window gets opened- i just have to find the top bar and click older!
and it routes me through all of my unread favorite blog post!

follow Pillow Thought on bloglovin here

3. GFC.. google friend connect
I am no pro expert on anything other than these three ways..
i'm pretty sure the rest of the ways confuse me!
But, you can look on blogs sidebar for a little box and you just click "join this site"
then on your Blogger dashboard there should be a feed roll at the bottom...
with all of your blogs that you have joined.

**any feed back on this post & ways to follow i would love to hear from you!!


  1. you literally just made my whole entire life so much easier! thank you thank you! I had no idea you could do that on facebook!

  2. I have noticed that about FB. It's kind of annoying because I don't think that it's just pages you like that get left out of your news feed. It's friends' posts too....It sounds silly, but I have missed quite a few important things because of FB's weird sorting.

    Bloglovin is pretty awesome! Definitely worth using and keeping up with.

  3. Great Facebook tip..gonna use that one! Found you thru Idaho Bloggers Guild!!

  4. Just found your blog and I am a big, big fan! LOVE your photography!!!


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