Monday, October 1, 2012

our weekend

dress: Target

bow: ElleBowtique

we went to the desert 
ty wanted to call elk.. and ended up riling up a bunch of coyotes
kinda fun to listen to, as long as i'm inside the car

we cleaned out our closet,
this is beyond my biggest annoyance of trying to clean up our bedroom..
if you don't have room to put things away, that's when things get messy
and let's just say i'm ready for a walk-in closet!!
and yes, my husband has more clothes than me!

we tried fried pickles at Texas Roadhouse
sounds disgusting, but they were actually very good & flavorful

and i became an obsessed bee photographer

haha told ya,
watch out lexi.. mom has a new favorite ;)


  1. Girl, you have never had a fried pickle??! LOOOOOOOVEEEEE them! ;)

    Love the pictures of the flowers! Very pretty!!

    1. i know, i was so tempted to not even try them! ha glad i did!


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