Wednesday, October 24, 2012

rain boots & puddles

Monday we took full advantage of hitting up one of idaho rain storms.. idaho is kind of weird in the sense that it really doesn't rain all that often.. and when it does it only stays for a short 10 minutes.. and you are lucky if thunder or lighting accompany it.
Monday was different it rained more than usual.. ty appreciated it because it got him out of a golf final haha.. but don't you worry it got moved to tomorrow. He took a golf class to fill credits & though he enjoys the class the petti'ness of quizes & test for a simple game of golf can be a bit lame.

Tuesday was a rough day,
it started out pleasant with lexi sleeping in (in the pack n' play- thank you to who offered that idea) until 10AM - hallelujah!! it was a weeks worth of no naps & limited night sleeps that we can give credit to! Although, the end goal of getting her to sleep in her big girl bed didn't work.. i'm no too worried about it!

I had the computer guy come for the second time to fix our desktop - that we bought a year ago- lucky for us it probably went out of its year warranty a month ago..
note to self: never again buy only a one year warranty.
Well this time we wiped off EVERYTHING on the computer - i like to use this computer strictly for sessions and my laptop for blogging.. so it won't affect too much for pillow thought.. but i had to back up everything on our external hard drive. which is kinda an annoying and big thing you have to do - i avoided it as long as i could... so after re-putting all of our items & a couple cd programs - our computer decides to freeze and let me know its not in fact fixed. lovely right?

well on top of this I had decided to go and look at a family session I had taken over the weekend..
and to my dismay after skimming through the images on the computer my camera body or lens not quite sure which one - had major focusing issues.. meaning basically an entire family session is ruined!! seriously the pressures of a photographer are too much for me some times. i just lost not only the funnest and cutest session i have done lately. you can't get those memories back, not those moments.. we had a sibling come in from out of town for it.. am i letting you know how sickening i felt yet?  like i literally text tyson and said "i had so much fun!" when i was done with their session- i'm not quite sure the last time i have said that after shooting a session.. then bam, kill joy entered the room this afternoon by faulty equipment.  hence why i am on a major hiatus until i can get back my positive attitude that i so quickly lost today. I'm headed to a camera shop tomorrow to see if they can tell me anything positive, fingers crossed!

also on another note- as we were putting lexi to bed tonight, i asked her which bed she wanted to sleep in - she chose the pack-n-play, i haven't convinced ty to re-assemble the crib back quite yet.. only because that's the last thing he wants to do when he gets home..  so for now the pack n'play is a good enough "security blanket" for her & i don't mind it one bit!
just sleep child! :)

beanie: h&m - zip up, shirt, leggings: old navy - rain boots: target

here is my first attempt at using the video on the D7000,
i need some work on rotating the focus & my steady hands!
haha so if you can manage to endure those two things
along with the glitchi'ness of youtube
enjoy, by all means! :)


  1. She looks so cute in her little rainboots. Her mamas has style!


  2. i really enjoy the rain, and it's always fun to get out there and enjoy it! your little one is so cute, the outfit is adorable!

  3. I'm not sure if you have a Mac or not, but if you do, some of them have been recalled...maybe you would fall under this?

    1. sadly it wasn't for our mac :( still working on trying to find other solutions!

  4. LOVE her rain boots!! what a cutie you have. xoxo

  5. My computer did that to me in the middle of writing a paper. I defiantly had a freak out moment. Good Luck!

  6. This is the cutest outfit. She looks so adorable. Looks like she had a blast playing in the rain :)

  7. Lindsey Marlor! That movie was the cutest darn thing I have ever seen! I loved the out of focus moments and shaky hands. Gave it character! Your new calling is film director!


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