Monday, October 15, 2012

some transitions around here

me: blazer {forever21} skirt {urban outfitters} | lexi: gray skinnies {gap} gray fringe vest {77kids}

it has taken me a year and a half to figure out Pillow Thoughts niche
I have listened to readers,
debated back and forth
and I have started the transition to share a little
more of our lifestyle
more of my family
more photography related things
more about little ones
and more about fashion

more picture of us and less web

i am still figuring out what I am going to do with our personal blog
but right now, it's been tough keeping both up.

in other news
we have been doing some rearranging in lexi's room..
i'm wanting change, i want to paint, and i want it more of a functional room
tyson and I had talked about whether or not we wanted to make the bed transition and
last night we decided to make lexi's crib into a big girl bed
last night went over very well, it was like every other night
we read, we said prayers, we sent dad off
i sang and laid her down in bed

i hurried back to our room to watch her on the baby monitor
(i made sure it was ready, to capture all of it)
she was sound asleep in the same spot i had laid her down in
(pictures of everything on instagram)
i actually wasn't too worried about the night time
because she tends to have a late bed time
which makes it easy for all of us for her to willingly go down.

i am more worried for the mornings
i am so not a morning person
she wakes up anywhere from 8:15-10
and most of the time we are lucky and its after 9

lex woke up at 9:10, i had been up for a good 40 minutes..
she opened her door and said "mom?"
haha it was the cutest thing ever!
hopefully things continue as smoothly!
(nap times are never taken in her crib anyways)


  1. Beautiful photo! I liked hearing your new direction on the blog! It sounds like it's going to be great! new follower

  2. that's a beautiful photo!

    isn't great when bedtime transitions go smoothly? glad that the first night was great for her in her converted bed!

  3. This is great!!!
    I hope you don't mind me asking some ?s, as we're transitioning too.
    My son sleeps late. But what is your definition of late? Ha Ha From what I read, many think late is 9. My son sleeps later than this.
    Also, please let us know how naps are, as my son sometimes doesn't take any anymore.

    1. Oh, and he's about the same age as Lexi, a little older.

    2. i will try and get a post up soon with lexis sleeping schedules, or lack there of hah!

  4. oh my goodness, I can only pray that our transition is this easy...but until then, I'm praying it stays this way for you!

  5. Man, I wish my son would sleep until 9! He is awake around 6:30, but since he gets so cranky when he wakes up that early in the morning, I send him back to bed and then he gets up for good about an hour later. I need my hour of quiet time before the day gets started! We moved him to a twin size bed about a month ago and he's been doing pretty good. The first 2 nights went great, and then for about 2 weeks after that it was pretty rough. But he's adjusted to it now and he's fine. :)

  6. love this! love the changes coming and love the story of putting her in a big girl bed! so so sweet. it was super similar with pais when she switched!

  7. I just stumbled upon your blog. LOVE. Question --- the skirt --- did you buy it recently?

  8. I just ran across your blog today, and im very glad i did! I love that outfit very chic!

    Im excited to follow you!


  9. thank you all for the sweet comments!

  10. I also want to hear about your routine; sounds like we might be following the same (non)plan.


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