Thursday, October 11, 2012

the most amazing bubbles

outfit from here

this is not a paid product review,
rather than a mom hitting the jackpot and wanting to scream it from the roof tops.
ok not that big of news..
but seriously,
lexi is OBSESSED with them!
me, not so much

they are always super messy
and that just means an hours worth
of a tomahawk motion excercise
for my little arm

I have no idea where we got this & it was most likely from her birthday party..
so whoever the kind soul was that got her this,
i thank you
times a million.

1. it has this cool little rubber slit top that helps reduce all the bubble juice from coming out
2. it makes amazing bubbles, - no cheap suds in this bottle!
3. i literally trusted & handed over the bottle to let lexi blow her OWN bubbles
(with my supervision of course- because it is still not totally messy proof)


  1. she is so adorable! love her sweatshirt and hello getting those bubbles asap! where can you get them?

    1. haha i have no idea? they were a gift but my guess would be wal-mart, target, or babies'r'us! i'll be looking too while i'm out because she keeps wanting more bubbles but we are out of juice!

  2. Your family is so cute! I'm following from your sponsor spotlight at Eat Yourself Skinny. Can't wait to see future posts.


  3. I LOVE those bubbles too! I've posted on Facebook about them before. I think I got mine at Walgreens, but I've seen them at Walmart I think.

    1. fun! so I went to grab them at Walgreens but grabbed the wrong kind- i had the right brand.. but they didn't have the orange cap that goes on top- i will have to try at Wal-Mart tom! the suction thing is crucial for us hah!


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