Thursday, October 4, 2012

the most yummy afternnon snack! ever.

A couple of days ago, I decided to try something I saw long ago from here

Fruit Sour Patch Snacks!
I have a definite sweet tooth..
so when I saw these babies with the label of
"healthier way to get your candy fix"
it became a must try in my book!

I decided to go with Blueberries & Strawberries, the favorite in our house.
So I picked strawberry & berry blue jello packs to go with.

can i just tell you that these were like heaven on my taste buds!!
well, the blueberries were.. i'll get to my strawberry fail later
super simple,
just shake the jello packet in a ziploc bag with the fruit
then you have a mighty tasty snack!

want to make it even healthier?
grab the sugar free jello packs

I had done a session that morning & photo props were still up..
so forgive me for getting a little carried away with lex!

what I learned
so, it said not to worry about drying your fruit after washing...
but apparently this wasn't the case for my strawberries.
i suggest doing some pat drying on your strawberries after you slice them
juicy cut open strawberries will produce enough moisture
for the jello essence to stick.


  1. Going to try this for sure! Savannah will love.

  2. These look so fun, and much better than candy! I will definitely be remembering this!

  3. Love this idea! Looks like sour patch kids :)

  4. This really works??!?!? Oh my. I love sour patch kids. My entire life may have just been redefined.

    1. yes! i think the berry blue jello pack is what made it even more mouth watering!! they were soo delish!

  5. I will have to try these for Kinsey but I would be worried she would never eat blueberries plain again!!

    1. well if you do make sure to try the berry blue... ahhhmazing!

  6. New Follower here! And I am sooo glad I found your blog it is soo cute! You daughter is super adorable! :)

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  7. these look amazing!!! Adding these to my grocery list next week :)


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