Thursday, October 18, 2012

the quiet artist

yesterday we cranked up the heat,
because our kitchen is now freezing, thank you cold idaho weather, you are here.
pulled out some drop cloth,
and got some of our pumpkins ready to decorate!

I went ahead and spray painted all pumpkins white
put black paint in an old dollar store vegetable tray
and got to work on my two while i let lexi have her very own

no lie,
i should have taken away this master piece at this point for drying..
but i was still working on mine..
and i didn't
so it ended with a bit more paint, than needed  :)


such concentration.

her facial expression didn't change once during this entire painting session

seriously, painting can be so therapeutic
and by looking back at all these pictures
there is, no doubt
that lexi was in her own little toddler artist world.

love her.


  1. hahahaha! I love how covered in paint she is!! I can tell that she absolutely LOVED this! And I love how they turned out!

  2. Ahh, great job girls!! What a great idea of painting them white first. xoxo

  3. your little girl is adorable! looks like a fun day!

  4. Your daughter is so cute!!! I featured you in my last post as one of my favorite blogs to keep up with :) super cute blog!!


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