Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trick or Treat!

 About a month ago, me and ty had come across a list of pretty funny pranks..
one being to disguise an onion for a caramel apple.
We thought it would be perfect for our annual Halloween Party with our friends
and I have to admit it was quite hilarious!
While the boys were downstairs watching football some of the girls wanted to cut them all open so you could try a variety of dippings.. so I had to break out the secret so it wouldn't get ruined..
so we turned the prank towards the boys
and headed downstairs to share the yummy caramel apples!

I am not the best secret keeper, at all.
and girls get a bit giggly
but luckily Wyatt was a little oblivious regardless as to what was really going on!

super funny and harmless little trick that I would totally recommend at your next get together!!

 the onion was the m&m one in the middle
recipes & tutorials I followed were here & here

the unlucky one!
he was such a good sport though and we owe him a nice little dinner for it! :)
and this video might just be funny for all of us ha!

Happy Halloween!!


  1. hahaha this is hilarious! i saw this floating around pinterest but i'm so glad someone actually tried it out!!

  2. I so want to try this! Maybe for the hubbys birthday on sunday?! thanks for the iddea

  3. this was awesome soooo funny! poor guy, he was so calm about the whole thing. it looked like he kinda liked the onion with the m&m lol!

  4. That is SO SO funny!!!!!!! Good prank!!:)

  5. Too funny!

    The pictures of your little girl are adorable!

  6. super funny! I can't believe he didn't see it right away, too too funny!

  7. Look at these treats...oh my goodness!
    Cme check out my giveaway, $50 towards a shabby apple piece! :)

  8. Hahaha that is awesome! So clever. He was such a good sport, too!

  9. That's a great prank. Your party decorations and photos look so pretty.

  10. That is too funny!! I will have to try that on my husband sometime. Hah! ;)

  11. O.K. this was hilarious! I laughed so hard, and needed to so badly since Cancer Center week starts again tomorrow! Is that your hubby? He was so oblivious to the trick until he finally got to the bite of the onion that was hilarious, I love how his friend waved his hand like to say phew that stinks hahahahaha! I love this, hilarious, and that would be my hubs just eating away lol! I love it! I wish I wouldn't have shown him the video for I could have pranked him next year, oh but alas I can get my bro lol! He just pranked me recently with Harry Potter Jelly Beans which are really vomit flavor, bogger flavor, lol and he knows I get a sweet toot at night with my steroids etc, and if it wasn't for my Kelcee reading the back of the box after I ate one a whole handful would have went in my mouth! I gagged lol it was a booger bean everywone laughed and I have been thinking of a way to get him back this will be perfect, I may have to do this at Christmas lol!

    Oh I love the pumpkin veggie tray I wish I would have seen this before my Kelcee's Halloween party at school! I am the homeroom mommy and did lots of cute things but this would have been so cute too!

    I love the wood twigs as the sticks for the apples so fallish and awesome!

    I am so glad Becky introduced us to you! Your little bloggy is so cute, and I just can't wait to read more


  12. I found you on Mrs to Mama and have to say I love the prank I am so doing it next year, and your baby girl is BEAUTIFUL- newest follower:)


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