Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday's Look {black, burgundy, & nude}

black, burgundy, & nude
these three colors added into your wardrobe
will seriously spice up your night out!

1 2 3 4

1 2 3 4


  1. Cute! This is a very similar color scheme they are doing for my brother's wedding. I am currently on the search for an eggplant skirt.....kind of tricky to find!
    I just read your big girl bed transition post and wanted to tell you that we just switched Charlotte a few months ago because she had started climbing out of her crib and was getting out all the time. She was doing the same thing when we switched her and would find her way into our room every night. I am totally with you about being weak in middle of the night and we mostly just let her sleep with us. None of us were sleeping good enough or long enough (she was waking up way earlier) that way though so I knew I needed to do something else. We ended up turning her door handle around so the lock is now on the outside of her room. It has worked so good! We had a few hard nights, one where she fell asleep on the floor by the door :( and slept there for the rest of the night. It took her a few nights to figure out she wouldn't be able to get out of her room by herself anymore and that we control it, not her. We would tell her when we'd put her down "we're going to lock the door so you can't open it" She didn't know what we meant at first but figured it out pretty quick. It sounds kind of mean but the first few times when she would get up and realize she couldn't get out I would either go stand by the door and tell her she needed to go back and lay down in her bed or if she was really sad, I'd open the door and just go put her in bed and tell her again that the door would be locked. Wow sorry for the novel I just wrote but just thought i'd share. Let me know if you want any more info on what we did, it worked/works well for us! And she is now back to sleeping in like she was before!

  2. I LOVE this!!! How did I not put this together? I have all the ingredients and you just made the PERFECT outfit for me. Thank YOU miss. PS... I am your newest follower :)



  3. I love this!
    Just found your blog, super cute!



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