Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday's Look {yoga wear aka lazy clothes}

We were at Kohls this past weekend and I about died (exaggerating a bit) when i saw little yoga pants & a cute hoodie in Lexi's size. Talk about some cute lounge around clothes! Normally Old Navy has a good selections of pants like these for toddlers.. but I haven't seen any this year that I have liked until these babies and since exercising isn't really my forte, this is the perfect bummin' around outfit for me as well!
1 2  - top it off: 1 2  - mini me: 1 2 3


  1. I love the zebra print!!!! SO cute! I told my husband to get ready when we start trying for baby #2, because we are going to be broke if it's a girl! I don't know if I would have any control around all the cute girl clothes! I'm already bad about clothes shopping for my son. ;)

    1. yes they are sooo expensive! ha! but it's so much more fun shopping for her than me!!


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