Wednesday, November 7, 2012

1001 reasons why you should instagram

someone would seriously have to be crazy to come up with that many reasons.

My photo pep talk today, is simple.
It's to get a smart phone with a good enough camera & download instagram.
Even if you create an account, and keep it private with no followers.

Oh, and when looking into buying new cell phones-
checking out its camera, should be number one!

bottom case from Urban Outfitters - don't recommend my wood one
Don't just rely on the most expensive one - or the one the sales people say is best..  They have trial cameras in the store and go practice on them to compare quality.
When I was with T-Mobile we got the most expensive one- thinking it was suppose to be really good according to sales reps- and my sister had the one right below mine & hers took by far better quality images!! I have now switched to a different cell phone provider and got an iphone- which i love.
But to me, it was soo worth the cancellation fees!

Instagram is now on both Android Market & Apple - so the only excuse you could have as to why you do not have an instagram- is because
you live in the Dark Ages & refuse to upgrade.
Kinda like my dad

Why should you?
Because seriously there is no better or easier way
for you, to be able to take daily pictures & easily go print them.
plus it's a 1,001x cooler than facebook, just sayin

I really, really struggle to find the time to go through and print our blog blook-
I want my post to line up with the order of pictures & that literally would take me a good year to do!
Lucky for me, I started instagramming around January or February,
so by the end of this year I will most likely at least have one small image to remember each day by.
sure, it's not all the images i took this year..
but atleast I will actually be printing them!
print your yearly instagram book here

No Clue what Instagram is? it's a phone app - that is basically like a Facebook mini-feed of just pictures
and you don't have to follow everyone and their mom

Cell Phone Taking Tips:

Go here, she gives you a very well run down on how to perfect your cell phone taking skills!!

What to do with your instagrams:
to find out more go here

Again, go here, she give you a vast array of options on what to do with your instagrams!
cocoagraph being my all time favorite!!

Why I wouldn't recommend bedazzling out your photos:
Let's see..
I have done that to a couple of images here and there but seriously at the end of the year- I want majority of my photos to not really look too crazy! Like the stickers... i did this to one - and decided that was the last- If bedazzling is your thing, I'd recommend to keep it simple or stick with the same look...

APPS i favor:

I actually use the in-edits for Instagram a good majority of the time,
VSCO cam, InstaCollage, Typic, and Whitagram!
I have a bunch of others (6 or so more) on my phone that never get used

Oh, the possibilities
This little neat video below is just a trial possibility,
but wouldn't it be amazing??
the new polaroid!!

You can follow all of our daily happenings


  1. I love instagram and actually quite addicted! Whats better than taking pictures to show people what ur up to! My husband says takeing a picture of my food is the new way of praying for it!


  2. question, and this may be completely stupid, but how do you get more than 1 pic in your instagram photos? i have an iphone and I dont see this setting. is it a separate app that you use to edit it and then go to instagram?

    the sweet life of a southern wife

    1. No stupid questions!! I actually meant to add that in- I use instacollage it's in the App Store! There are tons of free options!!

  3. That is such a cool video!! I'm going to have to check out the site for that prototype!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I love instagram too. I feel like I have taken so many more pictures this year.

  5. Thx for sharing your thoughts Linds. I need to do more with istagram. I am taking this M0tography class from Jessica to learn more about pics on my phone. May want to check it out.

  6. I have an Instagram but I want to try to use it more often....get better at it :)

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  9. It's to get a smart phone with a good enough camera & download instagram. buy real instagram followers


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