Friday, November 9, 2012

five things

this little girl has been making her presence known in our bed a lot lately, the last two night have been milestones for us though.. in that we have forced her to stay in her bed in her new room all by herself.. she puts up a fight but she has now become scared to step outside of her door. so thankful for that! she needs to know whose boss.. two nights ago was the first night she stayed all night in her bed til 8. proud and shocked moment for both of us! Last night, i kinda failed she woke up a couple different time due to her bad cough. She wouldn't come out of her room but the second time i could see her on the video monitor and she had made her way down to the floor and just crying and coughing.. so after making sure she wasn't going back to bed easy I made my way into her room and told her she could come get in our bed, i know major setback probably but i couldn't help that sad cry interrupted with bad coughs. the good thing when she sleeps in our bed, is she sleeps in til around 10.. passing the time when i am up for good!

been playing a waiting game

 all of our halloween decorations are slowly making their way to this table.. 
and I have yet to pull out the container from under the house to get them outta sight.. 
maybe by thanksgiving they will be gone :)

more snow fell over night, luckily it's not much.. 
i think i am finally making my peace with it because i am starting to get into the christmas mood.. who doesn't want snow to get you in the christmas mood!

i've been working on a bunch of projects lately, 
all to do with lexi's big girl room makeover
it's been fun & it will definitely be shared when every things done


  1. I know how you feel about having them be up so early. I'm not a morning person AT ALL but after I had my daughter she's forced me to be one. She wakes up at 6 or the latest at 8 am. It kills me because I really don't know how to make her sleep longer! And she's only one!

  2. Playing a waiting game? Did I miss something? :) xo


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