Monday, November 12, 2012

our nights

a couple of weekends ago ty left for chicago for a school trip
then this past week was the close of his hunting week
so we spent a handful of nights just the two of us.

just me & lex
we stayed up late, with no bed time...
and i enjoyed her little company
i seriously don't know what i did in life without that little girl
those little ten minute, couple times a day no reason tantrums..  are soo worth it!
love you lex!!


  1. Love these pictures so cute!! I cant wait until im a mom!

  2. Soo adorable! What wonderful bonding time. I bet she loves it!

  3. such cute pics! Isnt it crazy that you cant remember life w. out our little ones!

  4. These photos are SO SO cute!! I love having girls nights with my Olivia too! Can't wait for when she is old enough to remember!


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