Monday, December 3, 2012

North Pole, an Elf, and Christmas with a little one

One of my friends gave me the amazing idea, 
to do a North Pole Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
(whichever hour of day works best for you)
to introduce your Elf on the Shelf.

This is our first year doing the Elf (Lexi's just about 2 1/2),
she LOVES him, but doesn't quite grasp the full concept of his purpose.
But, she has looked forward to finding him each morning.

So Technically,
we didn't introduce him at this breakfast..
so if you have already got your elf out..
don't cancel yourself out for this little Elf Feast

Once I decided I was going to do the North Pole Breakfast,
I decided to hide him for a day or two..
when Lexi asked for him 
i just told her "oh no? He must still be at the North Pole."

then when breakfast time came...
she was SO excited to see him
(as you can tell in the pictures)
yes, i let her touch our elf.

Our Elf's name is Sox,
but sometimes he gets called Happy
he responds to both :)

Fun Find Alert **** Dollar Store Plastic Red/White Stripe Straws- pack of 6
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Sox, brought Lexi back some little gifts from the North Pole!

Grab some Reminder printables
hang it on the fridge, put one in their lunches, keep it on their night stand, etc.. 
sizes: Small & Large
just click on the image 
right click, save image as....
then find it on your computer & print away!!
Hopefully it will work for you
If not, e-mail me & i will be more than happy to send it to you! 
please be sure to not steal my work: 
Saving them to your computer for personal use is more than fine, 
just don't snag my images and repost them on your blog :)

Inspiration Drew From:

Reindeer Cupcakes | Snowman Donuts | Snowman Milk

Lexis Outfit: Top: Old Navy Skirt: Little Wings


  1. What a fun and beautiful party! Lexi looks thrilled! I can't wait until we're able to do fun stuff like this.

    Xo, B

  2. This is incredible! What an amazing job you did putting this together...I wish I had that much creativity! She looked so happy!

  3. Its so cute and Lexi as always look beautiful. We did our second NPB and Chelsea had so much fun, check it out :) oh and I love your pictures the quality the colors everything; I wish i can take pictures like yours

  4. All your stuff is so stinking cute! I am already dying to have Bronx be old enough for the "Elf on the Shelf" because of all the sweet ideas I've seen floating around. This is such a great idea to introduce the little guy!

  5. How ADORABLE! Precious! Sucha great idea!

  6. Seriously you did a fantastic job setting up your breakfast!! Love it all. Can't wait till we do this next year. :) Lexi is adorable as always. xoxo

  7. Cute! What were those white balls topped with reeses cups? They look very yummy!

    I've seen a few people posting elf pictures and just thought it was coincidental! lol...I have never heard of this little tradition.

  8. What a great idea. You are so creative. My daughter is a year and a half so I'm hoping next year we can start the elf on the shelf tradition. I may have to print your elf printAbles for next year!

  9. Oh my goodness that is THEE most perfect table set up ever!! I wish my breakfast could look like that every morning! ;) And I love your little one's red/white stripe skirt! :))


  10. I hope to be as creative and fun as you are when I'm a mom someday. I loved all the decorations! Your daughter is so lucky to have you as a mom. :)

  11. I love this. I am totally doing this next year for Breanna! We have ours {Ralphie} out, but he only stays in one place

  12. This is so cute, I would love to do this for my niece and nephews!!

  13. seriously?! is this real?! this is amazing!

  14. Linds!! This couldn't be any cuter! You are amazing, love all your ideas!! What is the little snowman made of?


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