Friday, December 28, 2012

our christmas

Christmas was heaven this year.
The husband is a spoiler, for me & lex.
he kinda got jipped this year, sorry ty

I have been struggling with different problems with my camera or lenses the past couple of months and i have been longing for a new lens! He waited for a good 10 minutes before he even brought me my present in. Making me wonder if he really did make the splurge, and he did.
and i was super thankful and could not appreciate it more!!

I get that camera equipment is expensive,
especially now since I am not taking on photo sessions any longer.

But capturing beautiful little memories of our family in pictures is priceless to me,
and worth every penny.
so thank you ty!! i love it and appreciate it more than you will ever know!

I wanted to capture lexi's christmas in video so I made a small little clip
to remind me of her that christmas morning, when she was 2.
I am pretty sure this is going to be our new christmas family tradition.

We looked like paparazi all lined up, me, my mom, and dad...
all with cameras & cell phones up and ready..
lex got a little embarrassed when she came down stairs..
oh and don't mind my husbands matching pj's with lex ;)

it's so different holding christmas at our place.. kinda not the same as my parents!
Christmas Eve,
we picked up last minute things & went out for lunch,
got Christmas Eves dinner ready/my mom & ty did..
got everything finished for Christmas morning, headed to Tyson's grandparents for the nativity reading, came home made Santas Cookies, watched a video from Santa, set out the cookies & milk and Santas Key, had a late night snack, and tucked baby girl in bed!

Christmas Day,
Woke up to presents, played with every. single. one.
lexi's only request all season was that she wanted a slide..
my mom fixed Christmas dinner, went on a drive to see Christmas lights,
then decided to go to a movie (guilt trip) -lexi did amazing & i LOVED just being with my family and enjoyed just being at the movies -it used to be one of my traditions growing up but it's been hard to keep up with it since Lexi was born.
then enjoyed our last night with my parents


  1. O.M.G. I love her! How big is she getting? I wish I was better with the whole videoing. Those videos you make are priceless!

  2. Seriously. That was such a fun video to watch! I love that she was like "one more!" When she was opening presents. Haha. Oh and she looks so stinking cute in her play kitchen getup!

  3. I love the little video you put together! She looks like she had a great Christmas!

  4. She is so cute. I love the PJs.

    her face coming down the slide is priceless

  5. Lex is seriously one of the cutest little kids i've ever seen!!!

  6. i adore her face how it looks lid up with excitement!

  7. This is such a sweet sweet post. It looks like a fantastic Christmas was had by all. So glad to now be following your lovely space via GFC.

  8. What a pretty home you have! Not to mention your sweet little girl! :)

  9. That video is awesome!! Lexi is SO cute!! Looks like she was a very good girl this christmas!! :)

  10. Your Christmas looks so great! These pictures are too cute!

  11. Awesome video! My daughter got that same kitchen for Christmas this year, love it! The doll house is adorable, where did you find it?

    1. The dollhouse is from Tuesday Morning, it was a wood one- and we just decorated it as we went!

  12. She is the absolute cutest!
    She must have been a very good girl this year, go Lexi!

  13. What a cute kid.

  14. Oh my gosh, Lindsey!! She is absolutely adorable!! That video was wonderful & you'll be so glad you made that :) I just LOVED when she was saying she wanted to open "one more!" HA! How sweet is that!?!

  15. Oh my gosh - how absolutely adorable is she!

  16. She is so cute! And that doll house is adorable! Did it come with all the furniture and dolls as well. I saw the Tuesday morning here had a doll house advertised with all the furniture for cheap but I assumed its be a crappy plastic one. The one you found is super cute and looks like it will last a long time

  17. That movie just made my day! What a spoiled little princess you have. She is so lucky to have such an amazing mommy (who needs to get a job in Hollywood making movies BTW!)

  18. Just stumbled across your blog & I love it! You have a beautiful family & take some amazing pictures! what kind of camera do you use? Happy new year to you & yours!



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