Friday, December 7, 2012

Taking Pictures by the Christmas Tree

first of all there are about a million different ways to photograph your tree.
each time of day will change the look & feel of your picture.

Here are some simple tips on how I captured my Christmas Tree Pictures with a little one:
I did NOT use a flash nor did I use a tripod,
I did use a DSLR camera (Nikon D7000)
and I was careful and tried to make my hands & my subject were as still as possible!
I shot at night & only had lighting in the room from the trees & garland
-turned everything else off

I shot in manual - and raw- but I did not need to touch up anything on the computer
so shooting .jpg is just fine!
the images below are straight out of my camera
& the ones below are the ones i edited. 

I bumped up my ISO no higher than 1000.. 
any higher and you will get lots of noise (grainy look)
which i tend to HATE.

The lower you go on your shutter speed
the more likely you will get blur.
I shot anywhere from 1/10-1/20th of a second depending on the shot

You can notice in some of my images, that they are not fully in focus
- but it was so subtle & i liked them regardless.

Keep your aperture on the lowest setting possible
-I chose my 35mm lens b/c it's lowest is f/1.8
This allows you to take your shutter speed even lower.

keep your subject as STILL as possible,
this might be impossible with your little one...
but mine is pretty busy.. and i managed to get a couple good ones!

how i edited:
removed some unwanted lens flare, 
and added one of my Florabella Actions- and reduced opacity to my liking
(i shot on manual- & my settings are on the top right)

just added an action

i scooted back as far as i could - which allows more light in
after I brought it up in photoshop, 
i cropped in the image & cloned out some unwanted lens flare around her elbow
and added an action
to see the rest of the pictures I took go here

go here to check out my Pinterest Board for Christmas with Kids
for more fun ideas with your little ones!!


  1. Thank you for the info! :) I don't think Ill ever be able to get my little guy to sit that still though! haha

  2. Thank you for this!!! I love photography tips I am still in auto mode!

  3. These are precious!

  4. I just barely bought a 35mm 1.8 aperture lens and got it in yesterday, so I can do this! Yay- I've been playing around with it. I'm excited to try this.

  5. Hi Lindsey!!

    I have to say you are so inspiring!! You have a beautiful family- these pictures of your little one are breathtaking!! Especially with the gorgeous holiday background!! You take beautiful pics. Love it!! BTW- I'm stealing a button :-)

    XO Jenna

  6. I am so going to have to give this a shot with my two tonight in their pjs, I am still only learning with manual. It's far too easy to give up, but you make it sound really easy! Thank you.

  7. these are gorgeous! what kind of camera do you have? i need to learn to use mine better!


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