Tuesday, January 29, 2013

a typical morning, being bums

a typical morning for me & lex,
is waking up around 10.. thats if she is in our bed..
which most mornings she is. she sleeps in longer when in our bed..
don't know why.. but i am not complaining.
and she some how wakes herself up in the middle of the night just to come join us in our bed.. ;)

it takes us a good while to even get out of our pjs,
bath time for lexi is always  during the day,
we don't have regular bed time schedules..
so we rarely do bathtimes at night
for some reason our family can't manage to stick to night schedules.
and lexis hair, well she has to have a bath during the day b/c she has an incredible bed head.

when we aren't bumming it around the house,
we manage to get dressed and ready by around 2.
if we don't have anywhere to be.

while lexi bathes, i use that time to get make up on, then get dressed.

hopefully it is just the winter,
but most days.. I have no desire to get out of the house in this freezing weather!


  1. I LOVE this post!! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only mama out there that doesn't have a night routine and let's her little one sleep in! We are the exact same way! :)
    Love love love your blog!!

  2. haha, sounds like a good day! (and very similar to my own...ha) i love all your pics, but i REALLY love that makeup one! something about all the pink and then the zebra case makes me happy.

  3. Omg what precious photos! This is honestly so adorable.
    It's the little moments that are so important =)

  4. You are completely describing our daily routine. We're night owls over here. It makes for going out in the evening easier though. Buuut my son is giving up naps or is taking some that may be considered bedtime. HAH! Has your little girl given up naps yet? And what time is her "bed time" usually?

    1. lexi hardly ever takes a nap, but she gets tired after 4.. where i literally if i don't want her taking a late nap - have to keep her busy or occupied and not just sitting still or she will doze off & then that makes for her going to bed around 10:30 or so... the last two nights i have tried not letting her fall asleep for late naps - so no naps at all and i have managed to get her in bed at 9- starting at around 8:30, b/c believe me.. i am deff. ready for her to be in bed by then! hope this helps!! oh and I also would have to avoid car rides after 4 - b/c she will easily fall asleep after that.. I just can't get her to actually take a nap around a decent hour

    2. This completely describes us!!! It's funny because I've actually done the car ride around 3 & he would sleep for a bit. I can't transfer him out (as he would wake up then) so I would do some computer work in the car. Or nap too. Haaa!!!

      Sorry I didn't leave my e-mail. It's a Yahoo! account. But Thanks Lindsey.

    3. no prob! lexi used to not be good at the transfer but seems like in the last 4 months she has gotten to where we can!

    4. is she goes to bed earlier (assuming it's a no nap day) does she get up earlier? or still the same? no matter what I do, my daughter gets up at 7 on the dot. :\ lol

    5. no, so the last month she has been coming into our bedroom around 3'ish.. then sleeps in our bed the rest of the night.. and seriously can sleep in until like 10 or so.. and thats with a previous day of no naps & a bedtime of around 9.. but for some reason when she sleeps in her bed all night.. which is a hit or miss and not too often it seems these days.. she will wake up around 8 or after.. anything before 8:15-30 i have a hard time with because i am soo not a morning person

  5. Adorable! Your photos are awesome! I am a first time mom to a 7 month old baby boy and we still can't get him to go to sleep at a decent time, hopefully it'll get better? Do you mind sharing what program you use to edit your photos?


    1. Everything I do that you see on this blog is pretty much done in photoshop, design & photography..

      Also lexi never slept through the night until around 8 mo. and thats when i finally stopped night feeding... her sleeping has always been consistent... changed with age it seems, heres a recent sleep post:
      not sure if i included my thoughts for when she was up to 1 though?

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